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By MayurGoradia ·
What kind of output a Biomtric device Or sensor generates? Does it genrates any BMP Files? How the Biometric authentication occurs? I mean is there any standard algorithms by which Two Templates are compared?

Can someone is aware of any web sitefrom where i can get detail information on Biometric Authentications?

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by TheChas In reply to Biometrics

Biometric sensors generate a data stream just like any other "electronic" sensor.

They do not use BMP or any other "standard" image file format.

The actual data varies from device to device. They then use complex algorithims to generate a "Digital" signature of what they have scanned. (face, eye, fingerprint)
Then the software compares the new scan to the stored reference scan of the individual.

Here is a good link for more information.



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by MayurGoradia In reply to Biometrics

Can someone has information on the alogortihms actually used in Biometrics Verifications?What should someone take into consideration if he/she wants to have his/her own alogorithms? Is there in any stadards defined for such algorithms?

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by kkrishnan2 In reply to Biometrics

There is no standards as of now and the authentication is vendor dependent as well as the device (face, retina, fingerprint, hand geometry, etc.). Each vendor provides his own algorithm for capturing the templates (the templates are stored as vectorpoints and not as images like BMP,JPG,etc. The size of the template is in the range of less than 100 bytes) during enrollment (registration) and using the same algorithm, the vendor devices does the authentication. You cannot enroll on one vendors device and get the authentication done on another vendor's device. One good URL would be to visit this site whic explains in length about testing etc.

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