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Biometrics Device problem

By abayomivoldo ·
am working on a biometric solution. i download microsoft pos 1.11 for .NET. the WMI studio is not seeing the device has a USB but PnP. am using Secugen(USB). i have installed the device already. what can i do

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For starters

by Tig2 In reply to Biometrics Device problem

Please re-post in the "Questions" forum. Select "Ask a
question" and re-post there. We have folks on the question
side that never see the discussions.

When you do that, be sure to include the type of biometric
device and the steps you have taken thus far. That way
people will know better how to guide you.

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First you must post your name, phone number,address, bank account number...

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Biometrics Device problem

Uno; all the 419 crap your people usually ask for. When we actually see the millions we'll answer you. Now STFU.

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More Info

by abayomivoldo In reply to First you must post your ...

how could u calle everyone a 419. i never asked for money.pls mind the language u use in the tech forum.We are here for information and not ur so called SCAM.

After installing the driver for the Secugen Fingerprint scanner, i tried using Grfinger desktop application on it , and it is working fine.

The WMI studio is not registering the devices as a USB devices. it is registered under in my device manager as biometrics.

Tools from microsoft is not recognising the device. I have tried the PosExplorer library from code, but all to know avail.

I need to know how to import POS devices, espeacially biometrics devices into .NET application.

The library I got from Grfinger is working with the device perfectly, but its a trial version, moreover it doesnt contain librarys for MSR,Pos Reader etc.

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You don't say if you have tried rebooting

by NickNielsen In reply to More Info

Disconnect the Secugen device and reboot the PC. After logging in, reconnect the Secugen and allow Windows to find it. If Windows doesn't find it, disconnect the device, uninstall the drivers, and restart Windows. Re-install the drivers, then connect the Secugen device. Windows should now find it.

Your original post is not clear. Are you trying to develop a .Net app to use this device? If so, POSExplorer should do find the device onces it's properly installed.

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