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Biometrics Types and Applications

By munirakemo ·
The biometrics features measured are fingerprints, face, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice..etc

Which Biometrics Technology is the best in your opinion and why? What are the situations where biometrics can be used?

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Here you go

by IC-IT In reply to Biometrics Types and Appl ...

You really need to learn to do your own research and then formulate an answer for your homework.
Here is one way;
Let's take your first question and type it into a Google search page. Wow there are some nice results, check it out;

Now let's try the second question. Sweet, we again have some nice links. Now all you need to do is read a few and formulate an answer in your own words. Ah, ah, no cutting and pasting; keep it honest.

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Discussion not Googling

by munirakemo In reply to Here you go

Thank you for your comment. However, it did not add any value to my questions because I know how to Google and I have done my homework. I posted this question for discussion and knowing people perception about biometrics.

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Yes, it did add value

by santeewelding In reply to Discussion not Googling

Try mounting the bank with, "It's all hogwash", or that one of them will, "set the human race on the right path", perhaps with Saudis leading the way.

Otherwise, I find your own appearance insipid and valueless.

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Biometrics in Saudi Arabia?

by shaima A.Haj In reply to Biometrics Types and Appl ...

It would be an interesting addition to your research to study the organizations in Saudi Arabia that DO implement biometrics.

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