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By david.colligan ·
when i go bios change ide to user then boot no hdd thats fine go back to bios set to auto finds it sometimes as maxtor. It keeps renaming the hard drive to Laxnter in the bios

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by Black Panther In reply to bios

What type is the actual hard drive itself??

how old is the bios??

if it works ok as 'auto' and find the correct size of the hard drive is it a problem??

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by RCOM In reply to bios

I'd say a BIOS flash is needed. Go to the website of the motherboard and find the correct files and closely follow the instructions on how to upgrade.

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by steve In reply to bios

In addition to checking for updates for the BIOS, I would also try different hard drives. If it correctly recognizes other drives, you may have a problem with the drive itself.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to bios

When you change the HDD to "User" do you set the other options like Cylinder Head Sector? If you do not fill these in the computer will see no HDD available as all the sizes are set to 0.

Now back to your real problem the BIOS is not reconsigning the drive correctly this can be because it is too big for the BIOS to actually read properly so a BIOS flash will be required if there is a newer one available than what you are currently running it is always advisable to Flash the BIOS to the latest available or the Controller Card on the HDD is going faulty. If you turn on or enable the SMART section in BIOS it should tell you if you are looking at immanent HDD failure. If that happens you then know to replace the drive and transfer the data before it dies.

Failing that you can always try a different HDD of the same Size from a different maker just to make sure that there are no conflicts between the Firmware on the HDD and the version of the BIOS that you are running.

Lets know if this helps you or if you need more advice.


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