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    How do you flash bios?

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      It depends on the motherboard. Usually you need to copy the bios data file to a bootable floppy along with the flash utility. Most manufacturers now provide a download to create the floppy in one step, which you then use to boot the PC, confirm the update and flsh the BIOS. Older motherboards may require a jumper to be set to make the flash rom writeable.

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      by willcomp ·

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      Depends on motherboard.

      Most require a DOS boot floppy disk with flash software and BIOS file copied to disk.

      Some newer motherboards have online flash capability using Windows software included on the CD provided by the motherboard manufacturer.

      In almost all cases the PC manufacturer’s Web site or motherboard manufacturer’s Web site will have instructions for downloading and installing BIOS updates.

      The site below has a good selection of boot disk images. The one you need for flashing a BIOS is near the bottom of the page and is titled BIOS Update Boot Disk.

      A cautionary note. BIOS updates (BIOS flashing) gone awry can render mobo useless. Most newer mobos have a recovery procedure to restore BIOS to factory default. Exercise caution. A UPS is agood idea. Power failure in the middle of flashing a BIOS is not a desirable occurrence.

      If you need further info, post back with PC or mobo manufacturer and BIOS type.

      Good Luck


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      by dmiles ·

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      the upgrade should be straightforward. this step-by-step procedure.

      1) Download and the appropriate BIOS file.

      2) Unzip the files into a temporary directory.

      3) Set boot block jumper to ‘PROGRAM’ mode.

      4) Run the file Pflash.exe, and follow the instructions.

      The only instance where you may run into a problem is if you interrupt the programming by turning the computer off or rebooting it during the procedure. So, to be blunt, don’t do that.

      I recently upgraded the BIOS on my dad’s IBM Pentium machine and accomplished the procedure in under an hour, with the assistance of an IBM help desk technician. The folks who sold you your system will likely help you, too.

      There’s a great list of flash BIOS updates at Wim’s BIOS page at His Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section is also a must read.

      And, if you’re really pumped about BIOSes, and can’t wait to learn more, you might want to consider picking up The BIOS Companion by Phil Croucher. More information is available at: Amazon.

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