Bios battery replacement

By kotomaditra ·
Is it possible to replace a battery BIOS of an eeepc with another at the same voltage but different power, maybe more powerful ?

Will it have some bad consequences on the hardware or the BIOS ?

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Firstly I'm not sure if there is a BIOS Battery in that unit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bios battery replacement

Secondly you need to fit a 3 V DC Battery anything with a higher voltage is going to fry the M'Board. The Logic Circuits that it provides Power for do not run on a higher voltage.

So your answer is Yes it may be possible but if you do it's likely to destroy the unit.

However what I think you mean here is a Larger Battery for this unit. One with more Milliamps and if there is one made for this unit then yes it's possible to replace the battery. All that is going to happen is that it will run on Battery longer and it will take longer to charge when the battery is flat or flattish.

The unit will also be heaver so if you need to carry it for long periods of time this may be important and with the larger batteries that I've fitted to the Acer 1's they stick out the back a bit so there is a slightly bigger footprint of the unit. Overall the owners do not complain.

To see if there is a larger capacity battery available you'll have to check with the Battery Supply houses.


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True....most newer devices use a SuperCapacitor and not a battery

by robo_dev In reply to Firstly I'm not sure if t ...

Caps are better/faster/cheaper. Even some watches use these (Citizen EcoDrive).

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by unhappyuser In reply to Bios battery replacement

If there is one to replace you should replace it with the same model or one with the same specs.


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There is no benefit to a more powerful CMOS battery

by robo_dev In reply to Bios battery replacement

In fact there is the good possibility that the incorrect battery could damage a component or two on the system board.

The cost of replacing the system board of the laptop is much greater than the cost of getting the correct battery.

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ML1220 or CR1220 ?

by kotomaditra In reply to Bios battery replacement

I was optimistic with my situation. I thought that there was laptop bios battery at local store, maybe not the same size but at worst the same voltage, but that's not the case.

So, let me explain a bit more my situation. At local store I found a non-rechargeable battery CR1220, size fit but for the eepc it's a rechargeable ML1220 model.

In other forum, some members affirm that it's ok to replace the ML model with CR. In one post, someone said that there's no charge from the motherboard to the bios battery when the netbook is on (I'm not sure).

So If I use the non-rechargeable one to replace my rechargeable bios battery, all will be OK or the bios battery will explode due to overcharge ?

It's a real concern for me, laptop repairing service is a little amateurish in my country.

Thanks for your help !

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Reponse To Answer

by TechRepDave In reply to ML1220 or CR1220 ?

I'm facing the same issue... Did you ever find an answer? Is it OK to replace the ML1220 with the CR1220? Thanks, Dave.

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Ideally you would want to use the exact same battery

by Slayer_ In reply to Bios battery replacement

A long time ago there was a jumper setting to stop the charging of the cmos battery, but I doubt your laptop has one.

I do know a lady that took two triple A's (3 volts) and used that as a replacement by physically attaching wires to the existing battery as the existing battery was attached to the board, non removable.

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Good idea

by kotomaditra In reply to Bios battery replacement

Yeah !! I think it's great idea. I try this !

My concern is about the power provided by the computer to charge these battery. Anyway, I try, I see if it's work !!


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