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By wbf ·
hi replaced bios battery and now my pc says bad cmos battery on the start it booths to setup screen, i have win 98 and the bios seems to be messy, it takes for ever to load the os,and some times it hangs if i booth using win2k,as i have dual booth options,TIA

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by cglrcng In reply to BIOS BATTERY

Put the old 1 back in....It's probably actually the new one...Or you just received a bad battery or it's upside down or not seated properly or something. BIOS won't usually report a bad battery unless it is bad. You might try clearing the BIOS (usually a jumper-remember to unplug the power supply, and always unplug the mobo from the power supply before clearing CMOS, or just unplug and remove the battery overnight). Then upon start after installing a fresh battery, go into CMOS Settings and Load The Default Settings, boot, then reboot and cusomize the CMOS BIOS settings using your mobo manual to what you personally want and your hardware and OS's need. Rember to check and set the clock properly while you are in CMOS Settings, then in the OS's when you boot to them later.

Good Luck!

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by InletGroveHS In reply to BIOS BATTERY

If you have a volt meter you can check the voltage of the battery (since that is what the computer bases it's "bad battery" message on).

If the battery is not producing voltage its supposed too, then the battery is no good. Most have the voltage written on the top of the battery (usually 3 volts).

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by TheChas In reply to BIOS BATTERY

Well, if your CMOS battery was bad, you have lost all the custom settings in BIOS setup.

First, verify that the battery is good, and that the battery is securely held in the holder.

Most systems, have the battery with the "+" side up.

Then, once you are sure that the battery is doing it;'s job, it's time to enter BIOS setup and adjust the system settings.

Start with the clock.

Then, check out my answer to this question for some general BIOS setting hints:

Remove ANY spaces from the pasted link.


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by Gh0ztALArM In reply to BIOS BATTERY

I hope you didnt replace the battery while it was pluged in, anyways, put the old one in, if it dont do it, replace the new battery, if it does it still...well, find the reset jumper on th motherboard, "note" if pasworded the passwords will be reset to default...then start over so to speak, also, try seeing if you bios can be flashed, BUT BE CAREFULL as a wrong bios flash will totaly eradicate your bios setings and will promptly be unuseable. In any case its easy, and god luck

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by wbf In reply to BIOS BATTERY

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