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    by ian boothby ·

    Just built a PC with Award BIOS. When booted all I get is 1 really long beep, then 6 second gap, then repeats. I changed graphics card and HD’s for others but no use. Guess it could be the DDR ram? Can anyone confirm pls?

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      by thechas ·

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      1 long beep is usually a memory error.

      Make sure that the module is fully seated in the socket.

      Also, double check that you are using the first memory slot. Many motherboards do not like it when the first slot is empty.

      Make sure that the clear CMOS jumper is set to normal.

      If it is, try clearing the BIOS and booting again.


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        by ian boothby ·

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        dead right-put a new piece of PC2700 in, & it worked Ok. Moral is, not all new pieces of RAM work!!


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      by ian boothby ·

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