BIOS clock runs fast

By blahblahbleh ·
My clock runs fast, and it keeps getting further and further ahead. After only a few days, my system clock is 10-15 minutes ahead of where it should be. I try synchronizing with the windows time server, but after a few seconds, it goes back to its old (wrong) time.
I discovered that this is because the clock in my BIOS runs fast. I keep setting it back to the normal time, but it keeps getting ahead.
Is there any way I can fix this?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to BIOS clock runs fast

you reset the time in the actual BIOS?

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by blahblahbleh In reply to Have

Yeah, I went into bios and set the clock back to the time it should be, but within a few days, it is way ahead again.

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It looks

by Jacky Howe In reply to yep

like your CMOS is not retaining the the information.
The term CMOS refers to a battery powered memory device that is used to store BIOS Setup values. The same battery also powers the Real Time Clock which is the device that maintains the computer's time and date settings after it has been set.

The batteries normally last several years and are relatively inexpensive. Replace it.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to It looks

If the 3.3 Volt Rail is OK and it's not ASUS and you don't want to replace the motherboard just yet try this.

@echo off
Net stop w32time
goto unr

w32tm /unregister

goto unreg

w32tm /unregister

goto reg

w32tm /register

goto nst

Net start w32time

goto end


Check to see if the time synchronises properly. If it works load this batch file at startup.

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Bios update? Intel Speedstep option enabled?

by robo_dev In reply to BIOS clock runs fast

Some ASUS mobos had an issue where the clock would run fast with Intel Speedstep enabled. Bios update would fix it.

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A Real Time Clock running fast is a sign of a Faulty BIOS Chip

by OH Smeg In reply to BIOS clock runs fast

On some M'Boards or a faulty Integrated Circuit Chip on others and or maybe a Power Supply providing Over voltage conditions.

A few seconds per Day is OK but gaining several minutes over a few days is not acceptable. About the only option available to you is to change the M'Board as there is nothing else that is possible to change in most systems. Even if the BIOS Battery was flat it shouldn't run fast. However if the Power Supply isn't providing the 3.3 V to the RTC Chip it would run fast if it's over voltage but then again so would the CPU and it would be unstable.

Depending on the maker of the M'Board it may be possible to change the BIOS Chip but only on a Desktop never a NB but with moist M'Boards the RTC isn't in the BIOS Chip so that may not make any difference.

Try loading the Makers Utility to show available Voltages and Heat of the different components ASUS call this Utility the ASUS Probe and Gigabyte call it SIV for System Information Viewer. If the 3.3 Volt Rail is high replace the Power Supply.


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