BIOS Crash

By al.damyanov ·
BIOS Crash

Hello all,

I have a serious problem with my PC. I have a Mother Board GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 1.0). The latest BIOS for this MB are Beta version from the official website of manufacturer. I try to upgrade to last BIOS file version F11B and after restart my computer die. When I power up he don?t start anything, don?t beeping and display stay blank. Please for help to relive my computer. The stupid is that BIOS memory was soldered on the MB and can?t be attached to reprogram in other MB. The idea to buy flashed chip is impossible because I haven?t smd station to unsolder the old one chip. Thank you in advance.

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without brains, how can it reprogram itself?

by sgt_shultz In reply to BIOS Crash

I do not know of another way out of your situation other than new motherboard, or fix that one to accept a removable BIOS
i would send an email to the mboard company and seek their advice. perhaps they would let you send the board back for replacement

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Thanks, but that is not decision!

by al.damyanov In reply to without brains, how can i ...

I read that the other brand of MB have a microcode on BIOS flash that is irremovable. And when BIOS Crash you have a access to floppy and have perditions to write. And with boot disk on floppy you may boot and reflash the BIOS. But this MB dose not respond any single peace to bringing alive. But I'm sure that have a decision of this problem without going to manufacturer service. Actually the MB is in guaranty because it is very new, and I bought before 4 months.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Thanks, but that is not d ...

Return the mobo under warrantee and get a replacement.


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Try this

by mjd420nova In reply to BIOS Crash

Remove the CMOS battery, set the jumper to reset and leave for a couple minutes. Then remove jumper, reinstall a NEW battery. That should force the BIOS to default and then you should get a good start up. You can then "flash" the new BIOS and get itfixed that way. The new (newer than 15 years) motherboards don't have removable chips that hold the BIOS, that's from the old days when the chips were socketed and rewriteable EEPROMS. Back then it was called FIRMWARE.

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I try it

by al.damyanov In reply to Try this

I try to remove battery for more than a hour, but effect is same. The problem is that nothing bring to analise when power up the computer. That is because the bin file from manufacturer was not working I think. Because they flash without any errors, and after restart the computer he just die. That is. I test form 2 days every variant to relive but without any results. The stupid is that for 2 days technical support of brand dose not open my request.

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CMOS Jumper

by Fred123456 In reply to BIOS Crash

You have the ability to clear the CMOS chip on the board. These instructions are directly out of the manual.

Question 3: How do I clear CMOS?
Answer: If your board has a Clear CMOS jumper, please refer to the Clear CMOS steps in the manual.

You do have a CMOS jumper so follow the instructions in the manual. You might get lucky and get it running.

But if it doesn't work your returning the motherboard...

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by al.damyanov In reply to CMOS Jumper

I try every one variant for clear CMOS. With closing and opening jumper, with detaching battery, but nothing. The computer stay already die. May be I must return the MB.

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by Fred123456 In reply to CMOS

Yep, your BIOS chip is toast. You need to return/exchange board.

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