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BIOS doesn't recognize the CD/DVD Player

By peg_so ·

New Mainboard: ASUS P5LD2 PCX i945P

I have 2 CD/DVD Players, the problem is, the BIOS (AMI) doesn't recognize them.
So I can't install any drivers. Maybe there is wrong with the cable and jumpers (PRI_EIDE, SEC_EIDE, Jumpers)
How is the right way?

Thanks for any helps!

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by wcp In reply to BIOS doesn't recognize th ...

1. IDE cable ? make sure the cable is not defective. Connect the CD-ROM only and then DVD-ROM only. Or use the IDE cable that is being used for the HD.
2. Jumper ? make sure one is Master and the other Slave. Or jump both to Cable Select.
3. Power plugs
4. USB connection ? make sure the USB cables are connected correctly to the motherboard. Installing the cables backward may disable the Secondary IDE Channel.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to BIOS doesn't recognize th ...

With modern CD/DVD drives all you should need do is set the jumpers to Master and add that to the end socket on the IDE lead and on the second one to Slave and fit that to the second or middle socket on the IDE lead. The red edge of the cable should be closest to the power connectors and the IDE lead can only plug in one way to the M'Board.

BIOS will not see these drives but they should show up after the MEM test has been performed and if connected correctly should just work but if you are having no joy disconnect one and see if the other works in the system. If it does you'll then have to change jumper settings to get the second one to work.

If it doesn't you either have a defective IDE Lead or a bad drive I would be changing the IDE Lead first and then if still not getting any joy on either of the drives connected by themselves try then in a different computer just to check them as the M'Board could be faulty or the Second IDE channel turned off or disabled.


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