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By whiteboi31 ·
I have a compaq 5310us 5000 series.. Running windows Xp.. it kept crashing at desktop when it first gets to desktop. I rebooted it up and now it says Bios Error 01 Hard Disk hit any key when I hit a key it says the same thing. I took out the cmos battery for 8 hrs. In cmos settings it says the Ide dps self test failed. When I run the test it finds my harddrive. I save settings reboot and then it goes back to saying Bios error again.

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Right - but there is a problem with the HDD or controller.

by seanferd In reply to BIOS ERROR

It is likely failing, or the connections are not seated properly.

Which exact BIOS, and version thereof, do you have on your Compaq? Also, include the full text of the error (if what you had posted previously was not complete), and the sequence of beep sounds, if any.

Edit: Yep, I really need the exact name of the BIOS and version number. HP/Compaq is not revealing anything other than what i already know. They do offer these drive tests, available if your BIOS supports them.

BIOS drive test

BIOS drive SMART test

If you have access to another computer, you can also try adding your hard drive as a slave in the other system to see if it can be accessed. You could also open your computer and try to boot it, listening to hear if the drive is spinning up at all.

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Re-post of PM for ease of communication

by seanferd In reply to BIOS ERROR

whiteboi31 wrote:

Alright I am getting no beeps on the computer. Only thing it says is Bios Error 01 Hard Disk error hit any key to continue I do that and it says the same thing. I reboot the computer goto Cmos settings run the Ide Dps Test and it says it failed hit button to run the test. I run test it takes around 30 mins then it finds my hard drive. so I save the settings reboot and it goes back to bios error 01. I took the cmos battery out for 7 hrs nothing. I try to get into bios settings by hitting control, alt and escape, it then tells me System Flash Rom Image has been corrupted. Rompaq disk required from compaq. I goto compaq and only downloads I see there are for a 1.5 disk. The comp I'm on only has 1 cd rom, this is my back up comp. Any more suggestions?

OK, first, tell me exactly which BIOS you have - Vendor name and revision. You should see this when you power on, and in the BIOS settings. "Phoenix", "Award" - those are examples of the manes I'm looking for. Include all the numbers associated with this name.

So, now it looks like the BIOS is faulty, not the drive. If you do need to flash it, there are several options once we find the correct file (rompaq). You can get a USB floppy drive and a disk (or a regular floppy drive if there is a controller for one in the computer), use a USB flash memory stick, or a CD. Your BIOS, as it is, will need to be able to boot from one of these devices. I highly suggest trying a bootable CD (like a Windows install CD) to see if the BIOS will load it. Make sure that booting from media other than the hard disk is enabled, and that all other media is higher in the boot order than the hard drive.

Let me know which of these might work for you - another floppy drive, CD or USB flash.

Some examples of what you may need to do to accomplish this. You will likely need access to a working computer to set this up. (of course, the BIOS file would be the one for your Compaq, not the EVGA mentioned).

Ah. Have you tried slaving this hard drive into another machine yet? Just to make sure that it is working? (Not as the boot drive, but a slave, or the master on a different channel.)

I also highly advise communicating through the forum - I won't get to your email any faster than your forum post - actually, it is more likely I'd see posts in the forum sooner. Also, there are very highly intelligent and knowledgeable people who may have better methods and ideas. They may also be able to answer your questions and guide you when I am not available.

So, I will post this email reply in the thread also, to keep everyone up to date.

****Don't forget to post your BIOS vendor and revision information. This is critical.****
****Also, it may be best to post the full Compaq model and serial numbers from the tag on your machine.****

With some luck, we should be able to sort this out, as long as there isn't a hardware problem with the BIOS chip. Again, test the hard drive in another machine to make sure the drive is working. No point to risk flashing the BIOS if the drive is failing.

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Er, it might be good to re-post this entire thing

by seanferd In reply to BIOS ERROR

in the Question forum.

Copy/paste your first post into a new Question, and I'll re-post my responses. You'll get much more help over there.

Use the post title "Compaq BIOS error" so we can find and distinguish the new thread from this one more readily.

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