BIOS flash upgrade?

By tensasjohnny ·
After attempting to download and run Toshiba's v2.0 bios flash upgrade from their website my computer will not even power on now. Any suggestions? I've tried all the obvious tricks, but system just will not boot. Toshiba gave me a boo hoo bucaroo answer. I would have expected more from someone with the reputation of Toshiba. Unless Pre Paid Legal can resolve this to my satisfaction I will never buy another Toshiba product.

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Well the warning message on the Toshiba Web Site is very clear

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to BIOS flash upgrade?

Unfortunately they are probably correct with the boo hoo bucaroo answer. When the BIOS Chips is corrupt or blank the M'Board is effectively shot in a modern NB. It Can Not be replaced or reprogrammed so it requires a new or at least replacement M'Board.

However if you know a good well established Electronics Technician it may be possible for them if they have the right equipment to reprogram the BIOS Chip on the M'Board. This is a EPROM which with the right equipment it may be possible to reprogram but I would honestly expect the repair to cost more than a replacement M'Board.

Of course if the BIOS Chip in this particular Model is in a socket you can replace the Integrated Circuit with one from a place like BIOS Man which is currently closed till late February or you can try this place

I have no idea of what they are like but in the past I have used BIOS Man on numerous occasions particularly for Server BIOS Updates where I get a new BIOS IC and replace it rather than attempt to flash the BIOS.


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Flashing BIOS is ALWAYS Risky

by TheChas In reply to BIOS flash upgrade?

I would not be so quick to blame Toshiba. Unless Toshiba tech support instructed you to flash your BIOS.

Updating the BIOS on a system is always a risk and should normally only be done "IF" the BIOS update will fix a problem you are having with the system.

Back in the day, it was also good practice to save the original BIOS file on the boot floppy you used to run the Flash program from.

It's been years since I flashed a BIOS. The manufactures are doing a far better job of getting the BIOS right the first time.

You did not list your model number. You must always make sure you have the correct BIOS for the motherboard in your system.

As OH Smeg stated, your only viable options are a Toshiba repair center or a third party BIOS supplier.

Wims BIOS is another BIOS supplier that has been in business for a number of years.

About the only other advice I can offer is to remove the battery and if this computer has a BIOS battery, disconnect that and let the system set for at least 30 minutes.
Reconnect the batteries and try again.


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