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Bios Issue

By Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n ·
Everytime i restart my compaq 233mmx deskpro i am asked to update my changes. I accept changes and do not make floppy changes when asked to. Windows comes up with no problems but everytime i restart the machine i am prompted to accept cmos settings. I went to compaqs site and update the bios and still i get prompted with this message. Nothing has been added to the machine and nothing has been taken away. what can i do to resolve this issue?

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Bios Issue

by bstei18 In reply to Bios Issue

Please read all before of this before you reject it.

Your problem does sound like a dead battery issue and this may be caused by a bad capacitor or other part on the mother board draining the battery.

Have you tested the battery you put in to replace the original? Does it have any juice? Test it for about a minute. If this battery is also dead then you probably have a "leaking" component. In this case you will need to replace the motherboard.

One important note: If the replacement battery is not the same voltage and amperage as the original, this will drain quickly!

Hope this helps.

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Bios Issue

by Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n In reply to Bios Issue

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