BIOS keeps resetting to defaults?

By rafalski ·
I have a problem with a laptop that I can not really figure out and I am not sure if it can be fixed but I figured I give it a try. Basically the Laptop has encryption software on it (Pointsec), the user had a security class where they downloaded and installed another encryption software. Now the laptop keeps rebooting and blue screening all the time. I have isolated the problem to the BIOS getting reset to Enable SATA Native Support. As soon as I disable it (which is standard for the HP dv2025 in our neighborhood) the Laptop works fine for a few minutes, then resets and blue screens again. I know when I used a new HD in the same laptop, it seems to work ok, so its not a battery or MB problem. Does anyone have any feedback on this ? I already tried password protecting the BIOS but it did not help.

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When you reset the BIOS did you..

Make sure that when you "Exit" that you did a "save and exit?". If you did and it still is resetting then just change the bios battery. :)

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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by rafalski In reply to When you reset the BIOS d ...

Thanks guys, I was able to fix the problem after 2 days of hard work .... if you read my entire post you could tell it had nothing to do with battery as new HD worked perfectly well in the same laptop. I also said that upon resetting the BIOS the laptop worked for a while, so how could I have not saved the settings?
The problem was with the encryption software being layed out on top of another encryption software, for whatever reason it was resetting the BIOS, at one point actually the BIOS did not change but the laptop still kept rebooting. I was finally able to disable all of the encryption services and backed up the data.

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Check the CMOS battery

by mjd420nova In reply to BIOS keeps resetting to d ...

I've seen some really strange faults caused by weak or dead CMOS btteries. When it comes to the BIOS settings, that little battery is supposed to hold them when the unit is off, but with a weak or dead one, it could reset at any time and even load the circuit down to cause a reset even while powered up.

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