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Bios password

By candace1x ·
Hey, I am administering a Windows Server 2008. Can someone give me an idea as to how to add password to the BIOS. I am quite new to Windows 2008 Server. Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of adding a password to the bios.
thank you for the prompt reply.

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To access the BIOS

by NickNielsen In reply to Bios password

You will need to cold boot the server. At the hardware splash screen, immediately after POST (the beep), press the correct key to access the BIOS. This will usually be Delete, F1, F2, or F11, but may be different depending on the hardware manufacturer and BIOS version.

Setting a password on the BIOS is primarily a security measure that keeps the wrong people from accessing and altering the basic hardware settings. The primary disadvantage is that, on some systems, the BIOS password can also set the boot password. What this means is that a password must be entered before the machine will boot. If the server loses power or must be rebooted, somebody will have to enter the password at the server before the server can reboot, which is not a good thing for remote servers. It is also possible to reset the password if you have physical access to the machine.

Most sites I've been to rely on physical security (locked doors, access control, etc.) to prevent BIOS access to their servers.

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when you boot the server

by .Martin. In reply to Bios password

it will have a splash screen (if it is a HP server, it will have the HP logo, ect.) and on the bottom a key combo to 'enter setup' (or something like that.

press across to scroll to the security tab, then set a master password.

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