Bios Password

By waqass ·

I Change My Bios Password Couple Of Weeks Back . My New Bios Password Is Enter Key Only. Means I Reset My New Bios Password Just Enter Key

I Verify That Enter Key As A Password When I Was Seeting New Bios Password And After That I Exit From The Bios After Saving

Well Now When Ever I Want To Enter Into Bios Its Not Accepting That Password Which Was Enter Key

I Tried The Ascii Code For Enter Key Which Is I Think 13 But Its Not Working

Any One Can Help In This Regard I Ll Be Highly Obliged

One More Thing I Dont Wana Break Bios Password By The Way Of Battery Cell

Cauz For That Way I Have To Break The Seal Of Warranty

So Please Help


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Is this system a desktop or laptop?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bios Password

What is the make and model?

I assume your only problem is that you cannot continue with your rigorous practice of changing your BIOS password - which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I also assume that you can still get past any boot password you may have, therefore your system can still boot-up and run.

Providing your BIOS was set properly before you used 'Enter' as the password, and now neither you nor anyone else can access your BIOS, effectively all you've now got is a totally impenetrable BIOS.

Not necessarily a problem at all.

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My System specs

by waqass In reply to Is this system a desktop ...

its a laptop Acer aspire 5610

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by waqass In reply to Is this system a desktop ...

Well problem is that some times i need to enter into bios for changing the booting drives. but now a cant evan if i want to format my hd i cant cauz right now i m on vista and if i want to install win xp i cant as i have to reboot from cd drive . and the bios is not accessiable for me

is there any soloution so i can get enter into bios

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Hood (Bonnet to you I believe) bolted shut.

by 1bn0 In reply to Bios Password

I don't know about GB but here a computer store cannot disqualify warranty based on a seal on the case of the computer. Unless it is leased, it is your machine.

The retailer is still responsible for warranty work unless they can determine and PROVE you did something detrimental to the system.

Most instances of this practice are actually to deter customers from purchasing a system, replacing system components suchs as RAM or the HDD with defective units and then trying to get the "defective unit" replaced under warranty.

"Un-necessary anecdote"

I have witnessed an attempt at this. I was talking to a local retailer in his shop when a customer came in the store. He had a 3?" Floppy Disk Drive in his hand. He proceeded to tell the proprieter that the unit was from the machine he had recently purchased and he wanted a replacement. When asked for a copy of his invoice the customer stated he could not find it.

The proprieter responded with " thats O.K. I have a copy right here. See, the serial number on the drive is NOT the same as the one I installed in your P.C.

The customer grumbled a bit but you could tell from the look on his face it had nont occureed to him he would get found out and he had no response. He left.

We laughed our heads off afte he left.

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My answer to your PM still stands but I'm stumped...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bios Password

I've never given any thought to anyone having a BIOS setup password of 'Enter'. I'm not even sure if my BIOS (in an Acer NB) would accept 'Enter ' as a password and I'm loathe to try in case it does and I end up locked out like you.

When I initially read your post I was convinced a BIOS would not accept 'Enter' as a password and I wonder if you may have caught a nearby key, perhaps "]" or "#" in your endeavour, which may be why it doesn't accept 'Enter' now?

My boot sequence has always been CD, HDD, Floppy and it has never interfered with any format, defrag, or otherwise.

As I said in my answer to your PM, your boot password would prevent unauthorised re-installs, because even if it was successful no-one would be able to boot your 'newly installed' system.

I'm sorry but I'm all-out of ideas.

Maybe another TR member can supply a solution.

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This may still work

by IC-IT In reply to Bios Password
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The links seem to be dead...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This may still work

I couldn't get any response from the downloads.

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Try the one further down

by IC-IT In reply to The links seem to be dead ...

It is next to this section.

Cmos password recovery tools 4.8 (January 2006)
DOS/Windows 9x and Windows NT/W2K/XP/2003 versions, zip

or directly here (I tried it and it worked for me);

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Hope BIOS problems are low in the UK...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Try the one further down

Coz that link doesn't take me anywhere either.

Must be because WE are so legal in our computing activities (sic!).

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Third time a charm?

by IC-IT In reply to Hope BIOS problems are lo ...

Maybe try from the UBCD link, it is aabout halfway down the page, under BIOS tools.
Or your just too legal. ;-)

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