Bios password

By jesus.cadena ·
I need the bios crack i have a Toshiba
satellite A105-1712 and i don't remenber
the bios password Can you help me?

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If you have the manual

by The Ref In reply to Bios password

there will be a jumper on the motherboard. it is probably best to contact Toshiba directly.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Bios password

remove the cmos battery for a minute

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by jesus.cadena In reply to CMOS BATTERY

I did, and doesn't work

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by caplock In reply to Bios password

Well having seen this before I can tell you your options are
1) pay Toshiba repair center to reset the password @ $75.00
2) google for toshiba passowrd crack and there is a post on creating a plug to put in the parallel port to reset the bios passowrd. I know this sounds weird but I actually did this and it worked fine.

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This happen to me before

by r.singh In reply to Toshiba

A while back this issue has happened to me with an IBM machine, I think you have to remove the CMOS battery for 45 min. draining all the power out and them putting it back in

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Toshiba A105

by steve_9456 In reply to This happen to me before

This toshiba does not have that connection is there a usb fix?

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Bios password

by nextel_shop In reply to Toshiba A105

Did you manage to remove the password?

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Bios password

by cnieto707 In reply to Bios password

if your familiar with laptops very well than it should be no problem for you to open it up and locate the cmos battery and pull it off for a couple of seconds. this will reset your bios back to default. good luck

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