Bios password

By stopcu81 ·

I have an HP Pavilion zd7255EA type notebook. Recently a friend of mine tried to by-pass the windows password i set on the computer by trying to override it from the boot menu. Unfortunetly with his lack of engilsh he messed the things up and now on the start up my pc is asking for a password. I believe it to be the bios password and i dont know how to solve this problem. If ıt was a regular desktop PC it would be easy to remove the bios battery and solve the problem easily but now this is a notebook and i even dont know where the bios battery is. I contacted the HP guys and they want me to send my computer to them and unfortunatly right now i am abroad and cannot comply with their request. Does any body know how to solve this problem or if they had a similar problem what course did you take. I would be glad if anybody can help, thanks regardless.

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Original CD

by 3xp3rt In reply to Bios password

You must have a 6 original CD pack delivered with your notebook. Refer to your documentation, and desired CD to solve your problem.

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There are many ways

by Kiltie In reply to Bios password

But we are suspicious of people asking to break passwords here in TR, the standard answer is to contact the manufacturer.

I'll slip a little and suggest using Google, it is your friend.

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Same problem

by cardonal_00 In reply to Bios password

Hi I have the same problem as you and i have serched for a couple of days..
Here is a website of some backdoor passowrds for computer bios passwords but most of them are unverified. I have tried most of them but i still havent found the password for my HP Pavilion.. I have also tried looking for the dip switch; Which when you change it should erase the cmos password. i couldnt find it.

so here is the webiste for the passwords.

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an easy one

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Bios password

Just take out the cmos battery for more than a muinite an the password is gone , simple pimple.

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I had the same problem on my HP desktop

by adunz In reply to an easy one

but removing the battery did not help. I went to, support and drivers, then searched for "reset setup password" and found a support manual that had instructions on how to reset the power-on and setup passwords by removing a jumper at E49 on the mainboard. Worked PERFERCT!

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