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    by stillkill ·

    I have a HP Pavilion ZE4300…I locked the bios password…I tryed to reset it and managed to change it to something other than what I entered.grgr…now it will not boot up..what should I do?

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      Reset the Cmos

      by graeme ·

      In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

      In HP and Compaqs, if you look in your owners manual, you will find how to reset the password to blank. Unplug the power cable at the back *yes you have too* open the case, find the jumper for the bios password, make sure it is off (not connecting the two pins) then push the little button that is marked cmos, holding it down for a few seconds, then close the case and plug the power cable back in , power one and your password is gone.

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      If you have problems with the reset..

      by azul ·

      In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

      You can remove the CMOS battery…

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      BIOS Password

      by richard ·

      In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

      Remove the battery on your motherboard and boot your PC. This will remove any bios settings that you may have changed and reset the BIOS to default. Another option you can try is to turn your PC on and hold down the insert key. This will also reset your BIOS.

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      RE: BIOS Password

      by elvislee73 ·

      In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

      Remove the Cmos battery from the motherboard, wait for a minute or two and put the battery back. It should reset Bios to default which has no password. Hope that helps.

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