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    bios password


    by jimmysegers2003 ·

    i forgot my compaq bios password,i couldn’t access mycomputer. can i bypass compaq bios password?,could you tell me how to do it.thanks

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      by black panther ·

      In reply to bios password

      You will have to take out the battery for at least a minute ( you will loose all your Bios settings though – changed from default)

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      by saphil9 ·

      In reply to bios password

      Your company is using the bios password function to keep the unwanted users off of specific pcs? Your network admin ought to be able to help you on this. If you are the network admin, where’s your screwdriver, man?

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      Opening computer and remove power to battery

      by ccross ·

      In reply to bios password

      In some computers, if you open the computer, you will see a battery, normally a 3 volt round disc, if so you can remove it and then move a jumper in the board, turn on your computer, it may just beep for a moment, thats okay, just kill power insert the battery the same way you removed it, and place the jumper back the way you found it, and then power up,

      NOTE: all setting in CMOS will now be back to factory, you might want to check them with your motherboard book just to see if the proformance is what you want.


      If you look on the net, there are several programs out there that will default your CMOS for you, or find the information about yuor motherboard, and flash the bios and that will also default the settings, but all of these ideas will remove the password and then your in!!

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