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BIOS Password

By steve.gct ·
Is there a way to remove a BIOS password from an HP Pavilion ZT1100 laptop? There isn't an RTC battery and I can't see a jumper to short. I can get no information from the HP support site. Thanks...

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by TheChas In reply to BIOS Password

When I searched HPs US site, they do not list a ZT1100.

For many HP notebooks, the BIOS ROM chip needs to be reprogrammed at a service center in order to reset the password.

For some, the actual ROM needs to be replaced with a new part!

This is part of the security features to reduce the value of a stolen notebook PC.


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by Pwyll In reply to BIOS Password

Someone who has delt with HP to get a password removed/recovered 'might' be able to assist you in stepping through a password/cmos wipe, however HP are very protective of this information (as the previous post suggested, to protect against enabling notebook theft).
The manual for this notebook is at:
On page 55 it states the HP Password Removal Policy. I wont quote it in full here, but it basically says that you need to prove ownership before they will perform the fix, and that they will keep record of the reset.

They basically use a security chip to maintain the password, HP may be able to recover the password from this chip, or they may just replace. A quick scour of the web has show that a couple of companies (with the rather hazy reputation in password circumvention) do offer a service of recovering passwords from HP notebook, but they also involve replacing a chip - so my advice would be to contact HP, going to the source as they say.

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by kamach In reply to BIOS Password

This will remove any BIOS password from any PC.
This procedure clears CMOS not only password, so write down your BIOS settings. CMOS is controlled over GamePort I/O address 212 and 213.
Boot your laptop from MS-DOS floppy with Qbasic or GWbasic on it. Start BASIC and write the following.
10 for q= 0 to 256
20 out 212,q
30 out 213,255
40 next q

Run this code. Reboot your laptop and enter into BIOS. Voila!

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