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BIOS Password

By schevalier ·
How do you reset the password on your BIOS so that you can get in to it?

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In what way is this a topic for debate?

by GuruOfDos In reply to BIOS Password

How I get into MY BIOS is MY secret. If you would like to know how to get into YOURS...why not ask this Question in the Technical Q&A section of this web-site. The more Techpoints you offer in return for answers, the better chance you will have of receiving a helpful and correct answer.

Better still, why not do a Google search for RESET BIOS PASSWORD? There are at least 37 sites I can think of, just off the top of my head, that have pages and pages of information on this very subject including step by step instructions for beginners like yourself.

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Or another way

by maxwell edison In reply to In what way is this a top ...

Or another way is to ask the person who set it in the first place to keep snoopy people out of his computer.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Or another way

are on form today, my friend!

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I doubt...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Or another way

.... they would tell :)

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by rookie99 In reply to BIOS Password

BIOS Password Removal

If the password prevents booting, you pretty much have to clear the CMOS. If the password

only prevents changing the setup, its fairly easy to discover the password.

Special thanks goes to Matt Carlson for letting me know that "j262" opens most versions of Award

BIOS. I've found it works about 80% of the time. "AWARD_SW" and "AWARD_PW" work on some computers as

well, but much less often. AmiBIOS 4.5x usually opens up with 589589. I do have another list of passwords that readers...worth trying: condo, djonet, lkwpeter, biostar, biosstar.

IBM Aptiva's can be cleared by holding down both mouse buttons at boot-up until the computer boots.

Toshiba laptops can bypass the password by holding down the left shift key during boot-up.

To clear the CMOS, you'll normally need to short a jumper on the motherboard.

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rookie99 post credits:

by rookie99 In reply to

The above post was from an online article by Miguel Angel Fraga

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G.O.D. & Maxwell does this answer your question?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

That was something that I never knew as I would have just either changed the jumper on the M'board to clear the BIOS or removed the battery if there was no jumper.

Even the simplist things can teach you something new at times.

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I didn't have a question

by maxwell edison In reply to G.O.D. & Maxwell does th ...

I'm always reluctant to answer "how do I get around a password" type questions.

Out of all of them we see on this site, how many are from people trying to circumvent a legitimate password someone else set? My guess is half of them - or more.

Thus, the answer I provided was to ask the person who set it. (Perhaps a supervisor, a parent, etc.)

It's interesting that the person who initially asked the question has yet to give any feedback, don't you think? Moreover, this is the one and only discussion or Q&A this person has participated in.

Color me skeptical on this one.

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Actually your right again Max

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I didn't have a question

But here is somethig that maybe you can answer for me. I recently posted a question in the Q & A section as I got absoultly no support from the new M$ partners support line {I know nothing new there but we can hope can't we?} Well anyway someone posted a reply within 10 minutes sought of makes the 2.5 hours spent on the phone to M$ look really silly doesn't it?

But now for the life of me I just can't close the question down. I type in a thankyou and reply for his helpfullness and then click on close and waward points or whetever it is called nowdays and the thing loads up as per usual and then open the original screen back up with nothing added or the question closed. At first I thought it was something to do with the largest ISP over here having problems even though to my knolledge this ISP doesn't run through them but now that they have things fixed up mostly the problem still exists. After 9 atempts to close the question down now I'm beginning to wish I never placed it there in the first place as I now look like what I hate about that section people not responding or leaving anything. The only thing I know I've tried but it still looks bad from my point of view.

On this one I'm really open to any suggestions that anyone would like to make.

Except the obvious don't place any Questions in the Q & A setion.

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