By rashaliya ·
Dear Sir/Madam
please I set a password on the bios of my acer travelmate 230 notebook cook computer;my pc has since not been able to boot to windows because the either i for got the password something.ikindlyhelp to be able to boot the pc by giving me an option or a master bios cracked code to unlock the bios.
from rasheed ali,ghana,west africa.

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I suggest you contact the Manufacturer

by Mickster269 In reply to BIOS PASSWORD CRACKED FOR ...

Since we don't do that here.



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BIOS password irrelevant

by Kiltie In reply to BIOS PASSWORD CRACKED FOR ...

The BIOS password is for accessing the BIOS, it should not affect your ability to boot Windows.

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No there is

by zlitocook In reply to BIOS password irrelevant

A Bios password that you have to type in befor windows will boot. Most laptops and desktops have that option in the bios.

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I beg your pardon then

by Kiltie In reply to No there is

But such is the case on each of the several computers I have, BIOS password is only for entering the BIOS.

However they are all OLD machines, maybe that's it? (I am talking of Pentium Is, IIs, several years old, even a vintage 486 16MB RAM 433MB HD laptop *** grin ***)

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No Worries

by w2ktechman In reply to I beg your pardon then

Even some PII and PIII systems had it. In the Password area in the Bios, there are several lines, 1 is to set the admin PW to lock the BIOS, another is to use that PW to lock the boot. Finally, on notebooks, it could be set to undock it as well.

Although it is settable for each option.

Although on older systems, it was usually just a BIOS lock except on notebooks.
And until 2 months ago I was running (in my mix of things) a Pentium 166 chip (MMX). So you are not the only one using old HW. Now my oldest though is a PIII at 1Ghz., as I retired that old Pentium

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Reset it

by w2ktechman In reply to BIOS PASSWORD CRACKED FOR ...

Your users manual should have something about how to reset it or have it reset.
This is a boot PW, a bit different than the BIOS PW. But both work together if the option is set.

Aside from that, not much that I can say, except removing the BIOS battery for 30-60 minutes will clear some systems BIOS's, on others, you need to call the manufacturers support # for a special passcode, and others have a button or Jumper to do this.

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i got you aswer..

by aero47 In reply to Reset it

i got the same problem on my travelmate 230..
i found this link with the hardware manual

as you can see there is litle DIP switch near to the coin battery, in order to reset the bios password on your computer laptop move the third little pin to 2 position...
to get to DIP switch on you motherboard you need to remove keyboard and some screws from the rear cover...

it take me 20 minutes to setup me computer and install new OS......

good luck

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I reset the bios - easy!

by paul In reply to BIOS PASSWORD CRACKED FOR ...

hi all

in search for how to reset the bios for my laptop, i gave up and tried myself. may be a fluke but its definityly reset now. here is how i did it:

take the keyboard out, remove the plastic panel at the bottom of the screen then the keyboard clips out.
remove the little metal covering
there is a switchboard with 4 little switches on them, all of mine are switched down.
what I did was flicked the 1st and 3rd switches up, powered it on and voila!

obviously this is dangerous so don't be ware.


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