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Bios Password unknown

By BillCC ·
How can I find the BIOS password for a MICRON 357 Laptop running a Phoenix BIOS 4 V6

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by dmiles In reply to Bios Password unknown

Try generic BIOS passwords. A complete listing of these passwords can be found on document CH000451.
On the computer motherboard locate the BIOS clear / password jumper or dipswitch and change its position. Once this jumper has been changed turn on the computer and the password should by cleared. Once cleared turn the computer off and return the jumper or dipswitch to its original position.
The location of the jumpers or dipswitches may vary, however here are general locations where these jumpers / dipswitch may be located.

On the edge of the motherboard - Most jumpers are located on the side of the motherboard for easy accessibility, verify by looking at all visible edges of the motherboard.
By the CMOS battery - Some manufactures will place the jumper to clear the CMOS / BIOS password by the actual CMOS battery.
By the processor - Some manufactures will place the jumpers by the processor of the computer. However note that in some cases these jumpers will be to change the processor and not the password.
Under the keyboard or bottom of laptop - If you are working on a computer laptop the location of the dipswitch (almost never a jumper) can be under the keyboard or on the bottom of the laptop in a compartment such as the memory compartment.
Other visible location - While it is possible that the jumpers / dipswitches may not be in a visible location, most manufactures try to make things easier by placing the jumpers / dipswitches in another visible location.
Additionally, when looking for the jumper / dipswitch the label of that switch can be anything however in most cases will be labeled CLEAR - CLEAR CMOS - CLR - CLRPWD - PASSWD - PASSWORD - PWD.

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by BillCC In reply to Bios Password unknown

Where do I find document CH000451

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by BillCC In reply to Bios Password unknown

Where can document CH000451 be found for review.

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by cw In reply to Bios Password unknown

Here is an old "Debug" routine that may help.

If you are not familiar with Debug, it can be invoked from the DOS command line. I recommend booting to a bootable CD with DEBUG.EXE on it.

First invoke Debug by typing the following at the A:> prompt


The debug prompt will now appear


Now type the following

A>_o 70 16

Hit Enter

Now type

A>_o 71 16

Hit Enter

Type this


Then reboot. The BIOS should now be "flashed" and the password erased.

This will not work on all BIOS's, but it works on many.

Hope this helps

Chris Weber CCDP

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