BIOS power on password

By Mikiyasmiku ·
please help me first close the bios password then close power on bios password know i will forgate the password so how to fix this problem thank u!!!!

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Have a good rummage about ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to BIOS power on password

Until you find the little scrap of paper that you wrote the passwords on when you realised that you "know i will forgate the password".

There you go.

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RE: bios password fix

by fatmann In reply to BIOS power on password

if you know the password. go into the Bios and chnage the passwords to a null I.E. when it asks for new password and confirm just hit enter with out typing anything. some Bios give you an option to disable the password.if this is an option, select disable and save.

if you don't know the passwords there should be a jumper on the motherboard to clear the bios password. this is model specific. you can locate the manual on the dell, gateway, or manufacturer's site. move the jumper on then pwoer up pc for a few seconds and shut off. then move the jumper back. on some PC you don't have to boot the machine. just moving the jumper and then removing it will work. refer the the motherboard manual for more info.

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That fix doesn't apply in the 21st Century ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RE: bios password fix

Unfortunately the OP is dated 2008.

If you were replying to a post from 1998 you might have some success with your antiquated methodology.

Passwords are now stored OFF-BIOS on a smart chip / EPROM.

I suggest you read up on modern security method as applied to laptops.

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