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Bios problem

By foattah ·
Bios Updates
I'm trying to update an IBM Bios. How and were can i get the updates from and how to do the updates. please the pc is not seeing my harddrive of size 4.5GB. the pc is IBM personal computer 300PL.The Bios version is 12/07/98
the system model number is 686282U, thank you

i have downloadded the bios updates but anytime i try to flash the bios with the diskket, i get a message that says$IMMAGEPD.USF could not be found please insert the disk that contain the required file.please what should i do next

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by a In reply to Bios problem

You probably downloaded some kind of a compressed version of the BIOS flash. Take a look at the file you downloaded, you may need to process it with something like WinZIP, or it might even be a self executing file. Many times, these flash downloads are fully integrated boot disk "images" that you actually have to execute from a functioning computer in order to "create" a flash diskette.

If you're still having problems, post a link to the web site you downloaded the file from.

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by dmiles In reply to Bios problem

BIOS ID Identifications
The BIOS ID string contains important information used to find the correct BIOS Upgrade for your computer. You must use the file that applicable to you BIOS ID and use the correct Flash Utility program. The computer needs to reboot to retrieve the information.

Turn on the computer.
Award Modular BIOS will be seen in the top left of the screen. (Press and hold the Pause key.)
Write down the Award Modular BIOS version (Flash Utility)

The Flash Utility version looks similar to:

Award Modular BIOS v4.50G.

Look at the bottom of the screen.

Write down the BIOS ID

The BIOS ID string looks similar to:

01/09/96-I430VX-2A59GG39C-00 (BIOS ID is "2A59GG39". The end of "C" is the acronym of "Copyright".)

Before you download the BIOS, please check the hardware revision your computer. The hardware revision was printed on the top left corner of your motherboard.

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by TheChas In reply to Bios problem

1 VERY important point.

Do NOT flash the BIOS unless the list of fixes includes changes to allow the detection of larger hard drives.

Another important point.

Triple check that the file you have and the flash program are the correct files for your specific motherboard / system.

In your case, I would not trust a BIOS unless it came from IBM, or a 3rd party BIOS vendor.

If this is a desktop system, the best way to allow the use of large hard drives is to install a PCI IDE controller card.

The next option would be to use the BIOS overlay utility from the hard drive manufacture.

Here is the link I found at IBM's site.


There is a link on the page to detailed instructions.


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by OTL In reply to Bios problem

Sorry took 30 sec (on a dialup) to get this far;


You need the exact type/style to get the proper bios flash from the OEM.

Personally I would not download a 3rd party BIOS flash ! Unless it was from the BIOS maker (making it 1st party)!

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