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    Bios problem after replacing batteries on my Sony VAIO VGN


    by rai_wso ·

    Dear all,

    I need help with a problem I’ve got with my Sony VAIO VGN-SR59VG_H:

    As in all VAIOs I had so far, the original battery was quite bad from the start and recently got even worse. So I bought a 3rd party battery from with high capacity which I installed yesterday.
    Obviously the VAIO BIOS only allows original Sony batteries, shutting the PC down if you insert another one. That is why the manufacturer also provides a CD with a BIOS upgrade to enable the new battery. I installed the upgrade (which was supposed to create a backup of the original BIOS).

    After doing that I could use the new battery just fine, but not the original one, and – even worse – not the power adapter. The notebook does not run without battery, and the new battery does not charge, so I am left with little more than 1 hour of battery life. I measured the output of the power adapter and it works perfectly well, so I figure I’ve got a BIOS problem. My data are saved, but it still is highly inconvenient that I can’t use the notebook.

    I emailed to the manufacturer who has not answered yet. Also their website has been offline since I looked yesterday, which is not encouraging either.

    I tried to find the original BIOS on the Sony VAIO website, but none is provided.

    I found on the HDD a file with yesterday’s date that might be the backup of my BIOS:, size 2 MB. Also I was able to find instructions on how to flash a BIOS from a bootable USB stick. These instructions seem to require a DOS-executable file. however. Can I just use any version of flashit.exe from another BIOS-package (changing the batchfile starting it)?

    Does anyone have a DL-link for a BIOS suitable for my machine? It is a VGN-SR59VG_H the (obviously now corrupted) BIOS says it is AMI BIOS 1.23.1109
    Version R4090Y1.

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions!

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