bios problem compaq presario

By scbrad1 ·
i am having a problem bringing up the bios screen on a compaq presario when i boot up comp xp startup screen appears after that i get a blank screen i have tried to start in the safe mode by pressing f8 this screen appears very quickly then dissapears when compaq title screen appears it gives me options for booot order system recovery when i select any of these choices none of the options work please help i can insert my win xp installation disk but it not reconized

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Try this

by Nimmo In reply to bios problem compaq presa ...

If you do want to bring up the BIOS screen, when you turn the PC on hold down either F1, or F2 to enter the BIOS (not to sure with Dell's)

With not being able to boot into windows try unpluging all cables except your keyboard, monitor, and mouse. No luck remove any un-necessary PCI cards and try hitting the F8 to get into safe mode.

Do Dell's have at boot an option to select system recovery, I know with HP you can hit F12 at POST and run an automated system recovery to rebuild the PC off a "hidden" partition.

I forgot to ask, are you getting any error messages on the console when you try and boot into windows.

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Listing the model would help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to bios problem compaq presa ...

But you need to push either the F1, F2 or Delete keys when you see the Compaq Screen. It should say on the screen actually something like press XX to Enter BIOS or Setup.

As you have a recovery option listed you should be able to rebuild the system by pressing and holding down the listed key till the speaker in the system starts going mad.

Depending on what you are attempting to do here things differ dramatically and involve the OS as well so you should list what you want to do if it involved reloading the OS as it's possible to loose your data if you do something wrong. I don't know if that is of any importance to you but most people that I deal with consider it as Important.

If all you wish to do is alter the Boot Order you need to get into BIOS switch to the Screen that lists Boot Order and change it to what you want then exit saving the changes. If you fail to save the changes any modifications that you have made will not be saved and will not work.

While you are in BIOS check the Time & Date as well because if all you want to do is open Windows it's possible that if the Date & Time are wrong Windows can not open.

Just as an after thought if the Boot Option Screen in Windows is flashing through that sounds like you have a sticking key on your Keyboard. Replacing the Keyboard should cure that provided that this isn't a Note Book.


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thanks all for the help

by scbrad1 In reply to Listing the model would h ...

after further examination i found out the motherboard is fried once again thanks to all with your input

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Enter BIOS

by mjd420nova In reply to bios problem compaq presa ...

If either F1 or F2 won't get you into the BIOS, try this. Be sure the monitor is on and warmed up before applying power to the unit, then hit DEL as soon as you see anything on the screen. That should get you in and make any changes to the boot sequence and then restart and boot to the CD and do the repair function.

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