bios/processor problem

By jonathanspinks ·
I have an Asus P4G8X skt478 motherboard running a P4 1.6Ghz chip, I have managed to get a P4 2.8Ghz chip with a FSB of 533 that tallies with my motherboards specs but when I put this chip in my p.c will not power up, the fan spins for a second the stops. As far as I an aware the new chip is good but I cannot check this and when i reinsert the old chip and check the bios i cannot manually change the processor speed , it seems to be stuck on 1600Hz and mentions something about changing the board to jumperfree, can anyone help?

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Get Your Manual

by TheChas In reply to bios/processor problem

Either find or download the manual for the P4G8X.

Looking through the manual, this motherboard is not supposed to have CPU speed setting jumpers.

I would check and verify that you have the correct and latest BIOS for the revision of the board that you have.

Sometimes, what needs to be done to get a motherboard to properly recognize a new CPU is to perform a BIOS reset.

Paragraph 3 of section 2.7 (Jumpers) shows where and how to clear the CMOS RAM.

Please make sure that you have the settings written down so that you can set them back to what was working for you.


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Bad CPU?

by TheChas In reply to bios/processor problem

Got your message.

It is possible that the new CPU is bad.

Another possibility is that the vendor sent you the wrong CPU.

Go to Intel's web site and verify the part number on the new CPU matches what you expected.

The only other thing I can think of is that your RAM is not fast enough to support the 533 MHz front side bus and this is prohibiting the BIOS from setting up the CPU speed properly.


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