BIOS ROM Checksum error....Help

By valen70 ·
I am having a problem with a computer that I just repaired. The original problem was the power supply for PC didn't turn on after electric storm. I replaced power supply for HP Pavillion a1510n an this is what happened:

1. Replaced power supply.

2. Turned PC on got error: logonui.exe instructions at ?0x005f0675? referenced memory could not be written.

3. Ran PC-Doctor, Basic test , short test failed; Error HD521-2w. It seems Hard drive is failing. Optical drive and RAM good.

4. Ran PC recovery and PC was able to boot up normally. Tested for few hours, removed Norton & Installed Avast, Did full antivirus scan at boot up ok.

5. Next day turn on and get the following:

Award Bootblock Bios v1.0
copyright (c) 2000, award software, inc.

BIOS ROM checksum error
detecting IDE ATAPI device...
found cdrom, try to boot from it... fail
detecting floppy drive a... fail

I removed & checked RAM, Soft reset, removed CMOS battery for 30 mnts, can't get to BIOS menu at all. Please HELP!

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You have bigger problems...

by cmiller5400 In reply to BIOS ROM Checksum error.. ...

Than just a HDD and a power supply needing to be replaced. The electric storm also fried the motherboard as well. That will need to be replaced; I'd probably replace the CPU and memory while I was at it because those may have been done extra crispy as well and aren't showing signs yet... I'm pretty sure that I've heard stories of processor's taking boards with them when they go belly up...

Production started in 2006 on that model so I don't know if it would be worth repairing. May be cheaper to buy a new machine in the long run......

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