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    BIOS Settings for VNMe V-NAND M.2 SSD on Z97X-UD5H MB


    by ocar23 ·

    Hello, I need assistance in sorting out the BIOS Settings, that will allow this M.2 SSD to be Seen by the BIOS, upon Booting.
    This SAMSUNG NVMe V-NAND M.2 SSD – 1TB has been in service in a GA – H170 – HD3 DDR3 MB running very well as a MBR Format, for some time now.

    I decided to install this SAMSUNG NVMe V-NAND M.2 SSD – 1TB on a GA-Z97X – UD5H Rev 1.0 MB, based on this MB’s User Manual’s Statement, which indicates that it is Compatible with, M.2 PCIe Connector, installed on this Motherboard.
    When Installed, Initially it was NOT found by the BIOS (F5) so, I Converted the M.2 NVMe V-NAND M.2 SSD to UEFI/GPT, and still the BIOS will NOT locate the SSD – Therefore, I am NOT able to Boot from the M.2 SSD.

    I have tried a Variety of BIOS Settings, to ensure the M.2 is seen as being UEFI, instead of MBR – Nothing seems to work

    Can your Engineers please Indicate, for me, the BIOS Settings that are needed to allow the BIOS to see this Drive, for BOOTING.


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