Bios setup screen freezes when hardisk is plugged in

By bpepa ·

p5n-em hdmi asus
ide western digital hd 600
sata cdrom lite on
intel dual core 3ghz
psu is 500w

New parts
I can access the bios menu when the HDD has no power and even run the cd rom with windows xp install cd. As soon as I connect the HDD to the psu the whole thing freezes. It hangs at the command screen for bios but if I unplug the HDD from the psu with everything running The bios loads.

I think its because its and ide drive and I should just go get a sata hdd and solve my problem but I don't see why I shouldn't be able to format from a regular ide hard drive

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Check Jumpers

by TheChas In reply to Bios setup screen freezes ...

First off NEVER EVER plug or unplug power from devices while the computer is running. You can cause serious damage to both the device and the rest of the computer.

Now for nearly all Western Digital IDE drives, the BIOS will lock up if the jumpers are set wrong.

If my memory serves me well, the correct jumper setting for a single Western Digital drive is none. If the drive has the jumper set as master and a slave drive is not connected, the drive will lock up the POST process.


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Jumper config

by bpepa In reply to Check Jumpers

I have tried just about every config with the jumpers including using a another seagate hdd as a slave with the correct jumper config.

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Check Your Cable

by TheChas In reply to Jumper config

If it's not the jumpers and we presume that the WD drive is good, then it almost has to be in the cables.

Start with a different IDE cable. If the drive connectors are marked master and slave, make sure that the WD is set to cable select mode, and that the Master plug from the cable goes to the WD.

Next, check your drive power connectors.
From the outside the wire colors should be yellow, black, black, red.

If you have a volt meter, yellow to black should be 12 volts, red to black should be 5.

You had mentioned that you were considering switching to a SATA hard drive. If your on-board SATA controller is SATA 2, then you will see better performance with a SATA drive over an IDE drive.


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Along with the jumpers

by Jacky Howe In reply to Bios setup screen freezes ...

set your DVD Drive on Sata4 or Sata3. Seems to be less confusion with the BIOS.

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by bpepa In reply to Along with the jumpers

It has been on sata3 the whole time

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Have a look at page 2-17

by Jacky Howe In reply to sata

of your Motherboard user Manual. It will give you information on how to set it manually. Have you tried it in another PC.

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by bpepa In reply to Have a look at page 2-17

mm that seems like I can do it from there but how do I find the CHS or the DEC number

Both of these hard drives worked in a previous pc.

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Normally written

by Jacky Howe In reply to CHS

on the Drive. If you have the Drive Model Number you could try the manufacturers site.

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Bios prompt

by bpepa In reply to Normally written

Ok thanks for all the help by the way.

Yea I found the specs online but when I go into the menu the prompt wont let me manually enter an actual number but asks for a DEC number. And sometimes when I press the up or down arrows it selects numbers randomly.

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Are any of the

by Jacky Howe In reply to Bios prompt

numbers that it selects a reference to anything on the Hard Drive.

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