Bios Startup Failure PCI conflict

By roynestle ·
I am helping a friend fix his Toshiba Satellite A-105 and have found that a "Resource conflict PCI in slot 03 Bus :02, Device :07, Function:00" is causing the computer from starting (I believe it is the network adapter). Other than halting at the error, the conflict seems to keep the laptop's screen from turning on (although the external monitor works just fine).

The only options I have are to press F1 to restore defaults or press F2 and go into the BIOS setup.

I have disabled the USB, the mouse and the network (all which seem to load just before the error), but only the syntax of the error changes, always with the problem in slot 03.

Has anyone seen this problem before and is it something that can be fixed via input as opposed to parts replacement?

Are there any other key shortcuts to bypass the BIOS startup like there is on my Dell (you know, a held Alt+F12 or something like that which will let me run diagnostics on the machine?)

Thanks for your time!

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Well I think you have bigger problems than a simple Device Conflict

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bios Startup Failure PCI ...

In BIOS Here. The fact that the NB Screen is not working point to Hardware Failure occurring. As you get a Picture on an external Monitor but not the NB's Monitor this points to the Monitor being faulty at the very least.

You may be able to set BIOS to Not Stop on All Errors but Toshiba NB's are notorious from having very basic BIOS Setup options. Anyway you need to go into BIOS and look at what your options actually are. Some BIOS Setup options will allow you to set Device IRQ & Interrupts but ideally these should be set to Auto.

But what you really need to do here is to alter the Setting to Stop on All Errors by tunning this option OFF and then see what happens.

If it still doesn't wok post back with what is happening.


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Happy and Sad

by roynestle In reply to Well I think you have big ...

I'm happy to have the information. But I can find no setting for Halt On All. Sadly.

Oh, smeg, indeedie, m' laddio. I'll have to see about removing his HD to recapture his data.

Thanks for your reply.

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OK if this is included in the BIOS it will be in the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Happy and Sad

Standard CMOS Features

The Entry should read Halt On and the options will be along the lines of All Errors, No Errors then maybe on All But Keyboard Errors, All But Diskette, All But Disc/Keyboard.

Different versions of BIOS may have slightly different wording but they are all fairly similar.

I hope that is of some use to you

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Then remove the network adapter!

by 1bn0 In reply to Bios Startup Failure PCI ...

If your conclusion is correct removing the network card will remove the cause of the failure.

The network card for a notebook is usually a small card similar to a SO-DIMM under a cover on the bottom of the notebook.

Turn off the notebook and remove the battery.

Remove the NIC cover. Some older NIC's hava smal cable from the card to the RJ-45 connector of the notebook. Dis-connect it and removethe card by releasing the retaining tabs at either end.

Power up and see if your problem is still there.

If not, simply replacing the card may cause the BIOS to re-assign the PCI resources and let the NIC work again without issue.

(Yes, I have seen this before)

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Willing to try anything once (or five times)

by roynestle In reply to Then remove the network a ...

I'll check into that. Thank you very much. At least I know I'm not alone.

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