BIOS trojan or bad keyboard/mouse?

By neg1053 ·
Hello everyone, I'm new here but experience PC user. I received a digital photo album from boss for xmas, plugged it into my USB port and everything froze, then went black. this was on Friday Dec. 11. since then Pc came back on but I've had to restart it several times. Finally Saturday night it froze, and now when I start it, the keyboard and mouse will light up, but then nothing.
The Pc will go to the Gateway screen with F2 and F10 options, but with no keyboard I'm stuck. I'm writing this from my son's PC and the same mouse is now working, but the keyboard is the old PS/2 version. I was wondering if I fried the USB, but they are all working. brought a new battery and reset the CMOS twice. now what? any help is immensely appreciated.

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Well you said the magic word Gateway

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to BIOS trojan or bad keyboa ...

They are notorious for having Marginal Power Supplies. At a guess I would say that for some reason the Power Supply has died and gone to Silicon Heaven.

A quick test of the PS is to unplug the Mains Lead and then press the On Button for about 10 Seconds to discharge the Capacitors in the PS and on the M'Board. Then plug it back in and try turning on again. If ti works now the Capacitors in the PS are failing and the PS needs replacing.

If it doesn't work it may still be the Power Supply but you have allowed it to go too long and it has stopped producing enough Power on at least one of the 3 Internal Voltage Rails to cause the system not to work.

Of course if the Capacitors have failed completely any spikes from the Mains will not be absorbed and will be passed straight through to the delicate components inside the case degrading/destroying them.

Ideally a Good PS will sacrifice itself to protect the internal components of any computer. Unfortunately many cheap No Name PS do not filter this well and when they fail they can take the internal components with them.

You really need to test with a Known Good PS for that particular computer and if it works properly after connecting the Known Good PS you need to replace the Power Supply. I would suggest one of the better Name Brands like Antec as apposed to the cheap no name brands like Flower but that's entirely your decision.

If nothing else you can use Antec's Power Calculator to find out how big a PS you need in your computer


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that makes sense

by neg1053 In reply to Well you said the magic w ...

because the PC is 2 years old, that's what my brother was telling me too. I'm going to take the HD to work and see if it will spin up there. got my fingers crossed!
Thank you

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to that makes sense
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When in doubt, start at the easiest places

by jdclyde In reply to BIOS trojan or bad keyboa ...

plug in a different keyboard/mouse and see what happens.

Even if it is unlikely, always start with the easiest to check first! :)

Good luck!

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