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By operator1 ·
Hi people,
i'm trying to find bios update since my motherboard supports ata 133 and in my bios i can
set to ata 100.i'm using inside mobile pro bios v2.05.can someone tell me is there any other solution for this or i need to flash bios.since i can't find any update anywhere this is a bit of problem.or i should just leave it alone?
Many thanks in advance

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by TheChas In reply to bios update

First off, the most reliable source for a BIOS update is the system or motherboard manufacture. Even then, you should only update the BIOS "IF" the update corrects an issue that you have with your system.

Second, while your motherboard supports ATA 133, does your drive run at ATA 133?

Often, the BIOS will not allow you to set options not supported by a connected device.

If your hard drive is not an ATA 133 device, the only thing that would happen if you were to set the data rate to 133 would be scrambled data.


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As The Chas has already said there is no advantage in attempting

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to bios update

To make something work that is already working properly. If you have more than 1 IDE Device connected to the particular Chanel it will default to the slowest IDE Device Available so unless you have an existing problem there is no advantage of changing the already installed BIOS.

As to your question about is there any other solution for this or i need to flash bios

No you don't need to Flash the BIOS as you can buy a new BIOS Chip with the latest version of whatever BIOS is/was available for that particular M'Board from here

This will save you any inconvenience if you mess up Flashing the BIOS but you'll have to provide the correct details as there are many M'Boards available and they all have different BIOS Sets on them.

That will save you the need in Flashing the BIOS but if the unit is working properly I would suggest that it be left alone as it's impossible to repair something that isn't broken and always very expensive to repair the repair.


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Thanks guys...

by operator1 In reply to As The Chas has already s ...

I guess then i'll just leave it alone and have one less worry to think about.Thanks

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BIOs update

by tairey12 In reply to bios update

The best thing to do is to obtain a copy from your manufacture. This will ensure you have the right upgrade.

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