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BIOS Update!?

By mfd_patna ·
There is any Problem in Bios like bios program is correpted...etc, then how to update bios.
What mean by "Flashing the bios"? plz help me about this topic regards shaif

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by ashokb23 In reply to BIOS Update!?

check your realse and version of bios,immedietly after power on by using<pause-break> key. there are free utility tools that needs on dos files to run. so you can copy in floppy from net use it like boot disk,it will run in some will rewrite.
pls note: b'careful in release and version. dont use irrelevent as it may cause damage.

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by TheChas In reply to BIOS Update!?

There are only a couple of ways for the BIOS to become corrupted:

A virus that attacks the BIOS.

A "bad" or wrong code BIOS flash.

The BIOS IC itself failing.

The BIOS code on most computers is stored in a "Flash" ROM on the motherboard.
Flash ROMs are rewritable.
Flashing the BIOS means that you are replacing the code in the BIOS ROM.

Never flash your BIOS if your computer is working properly.

Never flash your BIOS unless you have verified that the new BIOS code is the CORRECT code for your specific motherboard.

Do not create the boot floppy for flashing the BIOS on a PC that is causing you problems, or may be infected by a virus.

Follow ALL precautions in the flash instructions.

To get a BIOS update, you need to go to the web site for the manufacture of your system or motherboard.
If a BIOS update is available, it should be listed in the downloads section.


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by Buddhaprince In reply to BIOS Update!?

BIOS is the basic input and output functions between your your systems hardware.
If your BIOS is corrupted, you can on some motherboards "flash" it to its original setting by moving a pin-clip between the two possible connections in a linear 3 pin array labeled BIOS, with the machine TOTALLY OFF by power switch or unplug. After about ten seconds, return the clip to the original pin position and you will have the BIOS your motherboard shipped with.
If your motherboard is not new, you will want to check for BIOS updates on the manufacturers site.

This involves downloading a BIOS .bin file and transfering it to a diskette.

You must then (usually) must re-boot into the diskette to install.

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