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BIOS Update file ACER

By cglrcng ·
I have scoured the net, looked under every rock, and even purchased a new BIOS chip pre-programmed w/ the latest BIOS flash file on it on e-bay(though it will be the 12v version Intel chip instead of the 5v Acer version). Thing is I personally would like to have the file to reflash the 5v chip myself so I really want to have the file on disk for future use.

Anyone have the BIOS file on file anywhere for an ACER Aspire MT-II Desktop, VL55LA-2M (ACER BIOS flash file r03a2.bin).

The Computer: ACER Aspire MTII, Factory ID:W, Manuf. Date: 9708
Mobo: VL55LA-2M
Chipset: ALi M1521 rev 29
Current BIOS String:

BIOS TYPE: 32 pin DIP,

Upgrading to BIOS rev:
r03a2.bin (latest known revision).

If so, I'd make it worth your while in points.

Thank You,


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by Oz_Media In reply to BIOS Update file ACER

I assume you've used the alflash program to find the driver revision number for Acer's site.
If not go here:

it's the Acer mobo page on Driver Guide.

If you get asked for login.
I Drivers
Passwd: All

The alflash utility has worked for a couple of my dead boxes before, it is easier to search Acer with their number.

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by cglrcng In reply to

Yeah, have been there and a million other places. Have found a few that have the file and will provide programming of the BIOS for a fee, programed w/ the latest version of the .bin file on an Intel chip to replace the Atmel chip as a "Temporary BIOS Chip?", and then will alo reprogram the existing Atmel chip w/ the latest .bin file (I still can't fiure out wy the Intel chip is considered by him "temporary", if it works it works I'd tend to think, but we have a bit of a communications problem there due to language difficulties (he is 1st generation Polish living now in America. But $11.95 for 2 BIOS flashes and an Intel BIOS chip provided. I wasn't going to pass it up since he has the file I need at least).

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by TheChas In reply to BIOS Update file ACER

If the stuff from OZ does not do the trick, try this site:

This is the Acer download page for North America:

Remove any spaces from the pasted links.


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by cglrcng In reply to

Bookmarked that one Chas (twice the price and the same deal, except that I can use the 2nd. flash they provide for any BIOS chip so it works out the same I guess as far as $$$ if they have the file), but if this route doesn't work I'll contact them....Thing is I bought a reprogrammer myself and wanted to test it out using the correct latest file on this particular board since I will have multiple chips that will work which is why I was looking for the actual file and I wasn'tabout to ask a pay programming service for their archived file(s) as I know better than to make those kind of requests. Here it seems reasonable to request since we are a community of members who have agreed to the sharing of information, and ideas, and technical knowledge. Is it any wonder I visit my Motherboard Manufacturer(s) sites often and download the BIOS update files & drivers and archive them all for future use? That ACER site no longer supports this board in question and it looks like they dumped the old ftp site where they were all stored.

I know I added ACER to my "Do Not Ever Recommend List" for sure, of course I always Rec. "Let Me Build It w/ off the shelve easy to get components" anyway, but...

Thank's for trying guys.

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by cglrcng In reply to BIOS Update file ACER

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