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By foattah ·
I'm trying to update an IBM Bios. How and were can i get the updates from and how to do the updates. please the pc is not seeing my harddrive of size 4.5GB. the pc is IBM personal computer 300PL.The Bios version is 12/07/98
the system model number is 686282U, thank you

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by JTaylor637 In reply to Bios Updates

The current BIOS for that computer is version 58a dated 07/20/2001. It can be downloaded from IBM's website at:

Instructions for performing the update are also found at that site in the README text file.

If the BIOS doesn't recognize the hard drive after being updated, you may need to run diagnostics to determine if the drive is dead. That's an older drive, and they do die. Diagnostics for hard drives are usually available from the drive manufacturer's website (IBM, Hitachi, Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, etc.). Usually you can download the file to make a bootable floppy that will check the drive and let you know its condition.

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by TheChas In reply to Bios Updates

The BIOS update should allow your motherboard to see drives of at least 8 to 20GB. Possibly larger.

Make sure to follow ALL precautions listed in the instructions.

If this drive has worked on this PC before, it likely is NOT a BIOS issue.
Your hard drive may be dead.

If the BIOS sees only 2GB or so, then it may be a BIOS issue.

If you are changing drives, before flashing the BIOS, enter BIOS setup, and verify that the IDE channel that the drive is connected to is set for auto-detect, or run the hard drive detect utility in the BIOS.

If you are adding a second hard drive, make sure that the jumpers on both drives are set correctly.
The "Master" drive must be set for master with slave present.
The "Slave drive must be set to slave.

If just a single drive, make sure the jumpers are set to single drive.

As a side thought, some combinations of drives do not work together on the same IDE cable.


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by Buddhaprince In reply to Bios Updates

Insert the following URL into your address bar:

Download the following latest flash BIOS file &
readme file for the IBM PC300PL, type 6862.
Version 58a
Release Date 2001/07/20

File link File size File description
nvjt58a.txt 17,012 README for the Flash BIOS update diskette

nvjt58a.exe 1,050,983 Flash BIOS update diskette v58a 6862.

Automatically detect this system's BIOS version
The following link will open a new, smaller window showing the BIOS version on the system you are using. If you are looking for a BIOS for this system, compare the version listed in the new window with the version in the "File details" section above to see if you have the latest BIOS for your machine.

NOTE: It may take some time to gather this system's BIOS version. No information will be collected by IBM. This button will only work with Microsoft Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP.
Please refer to the readme file for details.

This is a flash BIOS update. The .exe file should be saved to your hard disk and executed. It will prompt you for a diskette. Follow the on-screen instructions and extract the files, creating a bootable diskette.

Download the executable file(s) from this document to a subdirectory on your system (e.g. C:\TEMP) by double clicking on the file(s).
Insert a blank, formatted diskette and execute the downloaded file with the diskette drive letter as the argument (e.g. driver.exe a:). The system will prompt you for a formatted diskette and will extract the diskette images to the diskettes. Repeat for each downloaded file.
Follow the instructions in the readme file provided with the BIOS for installation.

Shut down and power off the machine and then re-boot with the flash diskette in the A: drive to update the flash BIOS.

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