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    bios upgrade


    by zitubd ·

    how to upgrade a award bios 1998 model and how i will be benefited by upgrading the bios?

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      by wcp ·

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      A BIOS upgrade is called BIOS flash.
      In general, BIOS flash is not recommended unless you have a motherboard (MB) related problem or need.

      When a new MB comes out, it is not always perfect. Bugs need to be fixed or enhancement may be made. For example, a MB originally designed for AMD up to 1.4GHz may accommodate AMD XP+ series with BIOS flash. Or a MB with incorrect CPU temperature reading may be corrected by BIOS flash.

      BIOS flash is MB specific. You need to go to the MB manufacturer’s website and find out what the latest BIOS version of the MB model is and what it does.
      It is cumulative so you do not need to do BIOS flash in sequence.
      They all provide the steps how to do the BIOS flash. You MUST follow the instructions letter by letter or in some cases, there is no return. In other words, your MB could become useless.
      If you are not comfortable doing this, have an experienced person to do it.

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      by thechas ·

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      If your BIOS date is 1998, you are better off spending your time looking for a new system rather than a BIOS upgrade.

      Generally speaking, the motherboard manufacture only releases a new revision of the BIOS code to correct specific hardware compatibility issues.
      Very SELDOM will an update change the “core” BIOS code to a newer revision.

      That said, it is possible to get a ‘custom’ BIOS update.
      One source is
      Expect to pay around $70 US for a new BIOS.


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      by wlbowers ·

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      Go to this site.

      Remove any spaces after copy and paste.

      Click on the bios agent.

      Now download the bios agent to your MyDocuments folder.

      Now go double click the agent. It will give you all kinds of information and the option to contact a Bios Agent and request an update.

      Good Luck Lee

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      by shadowworks_2000 ·

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      without reading other responces to your question, I strongly advise leaving it alone. beings that it is at an older age, your best bet would be getting a motherboard( depending or your computer skills) or scrap the system you have and get a new one, if you get a new one back up all of your stuff you want on the new system. what you are looking at is called “flashing” and with some bios chips the can not be done, most of todays can be every one I know will tell you “unless you have some major problems with your motherboard or something like that leave it alone” and unless you for a true fact know exactly what your are doing you could do it, but if you have never done it before, 1 simple mistake could render your system useless and at that point you would have to replace that chip, again another thing best left to those who have the skills. take this advice from one who has the skills to replace the chips, but I wont flash.

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