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Bios Upgrade

By joerie_b ·
Hi Guys,

mybe thiers any body of you guys, how know if where can i download an upgrade of may award bios? thanks in advance.

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Bios Upgrade

by TheChas In reply to Bios Upgrade

You need to identify the manufacture of your motherboard and get the updated BIOS from them.

If this is a name brand system, you may only be able to get BIOS updates from the system manufacture.

Otherwise, use the ID tools at either
or to identify the manufacture.

Then look through the manufactures web site to verify which model motherboard you have.

CAUTION: Unless you find a BIOS update for your SPECIFIC motherboard do not flash your BIOS.
Further, unless the updated BIOS corrects a problem you are having, there is little to gain by flashing the BIOS.

If the reason you are looking for a new BIOS is to use a large hard drive, a better and safer solution is to install a new PCI IDE controller card.
Not only will the card work with your large drive, it will also support the faster data transfer rate of the newer drives.


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Bios Upgrade

by dmiles In reply to Bios Upgrade

When booting the computer,you will see the startup screen,press the pause key,in the upper left corner note the bios manufacturer and year bios was released,also not the motherboard manufacturers number in the lower left corner of screen,then check the motherboard manufacturer web site for board and bios version to be updated

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