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BIOS upgrade/reload without Floppy Drive

By shpl ·
This question relates to my earlier one on a Win XP/Win98 disk boot failure error message and booting problem that I am facing where without installation CD in CD drive I just cant boot but once I boot that way the system runs on the HDD installed OS. Having successfully rewritten on the master boot record fully many times I am now trying to upgrade/reload my Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG for 810ET chipset M/B that I just downloaded from The problem is this is a new system I was putting together and the Floppy Drive never really worked all right even once. It was always recognised on boot up but no data exchange happen with the M/B smoothly. So I cant really upgrade my BIOS using a boot disk nor can I even make a boot disk on that system. I started building the system on the Friday and all I have achieved in the last 24 hours is I have managed to load Win 98 over Win XP because XP does not give you a DOS prompt to try out things like bootcfg.exe or fdisk/mbr etc etc that I have. So the QUESTION is how do I upgrade my BIOS without needing to use my Floppy Drive. Also if my BIOS upgrade still doesnt solve the problem do I then try changing my M/B itself ??. Would deeply appreciate any useful advice. Thanks

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by Dumphrey In reply to BIOS upgrade/reload witho ...

There is no reason for the floppy not to work. douboe check the cables to the floopoy, make sure its connected in the rigt orientation. You can boot XP into a recovery console to fdisk mbr etc. As for a dos prompt in XP, START, RUN, type in cmd. Will open a dos window. Google recovery console for that. Also, ghost 2003 has many of the same functiosn as fdisk built into gdisk on the recovery cd. GL

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