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Bios Virus?

By Sylvie.Courtemanche ·
I got a friend PC infested with virus and adware/spyware. I tried to clean it with Norton 2005, Adaware, Spybot and HiJackThis. I came to point where I didn't have any more virus, adware, spyware or trojan reported but the system was unstable.

So I format the drive try to reinstall Windows XP, but the system was turning off after I accept the EULA. So I Fdisk the HD, erasing the partition and creating a new DOS partion, making it active and formating with System. The PC boot fine to DOS but when I try to install XP same thing, system turns off and I have to cold boot to make it restart.

I tried to use this HD in an other system and I was able to install Windows after creating an NTFS partion with Partion Magic 8. I take the drive back to the original PC and the system will turn off while Windows is starting no matter if I boot in Safe mode or Normal Mode.

Any idea?

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by guitarfreakstyle In reply to Bios Virus?

i had the same problem on a ECS L4VXA2 Motherboard.
id do a Bootable Cd install and it would either crash during the installation or it would crash without no sudden warning.
after hours of frustration i opened my tower, took out the hardware, cleaned out the dust, blew the Motherboard clean off with compressed air. reassembeled the everything, and it worked.
The Mainboard was coated with layers of dust that shorted out conductors and caused it to crash.
i cant personally say it would work for you but its worth a look inside your tower and look near the processor and see if any conductors are shorting out from dust. Dont use and spray liquid cleaners from a can. some chips are mounted by a conductive adhesive. the spray would loosen the chips and ruin the board for good.

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While you're in there...

by Roger99a In reply to BIOS VIRUS

reset the CMOS. That will cure any memory timing issues ar anything else he might have done in there. I have fixed many computers just by moving that one jumper.

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by beads In reply to Bios Virus?

Had a problem yesterday with a BIOS that seemed to update settings on its own. Alas, no BIOS virus to be found. Really, its not likely unless it was very specific to the BIOS manufacturer, version and any specific DIP switches needed to flash (reprogram) the BIOS itself.

Usually, there is a red "DIP" switch on the motherboard to allow the BIOS to be updated so think your ok there.

Other things to check:

- After cleaning off any gunk, dust or other computer unfriendly things you might find in there be sure there are no holes in the back of the machine that do allow gunk, dust and unfriendlies in. Mainly the card blanks. This keeps the system cooler as well. Same goes for missing fans. (*Hehe*)

Check to see if the BIOS has been updated by the manufacturer. Normally, its not recommended to flash a BIOS unless there is an underlying problem. In this case I think we can feel assured that if cleaning doesn't work there is an underlying problem.

Flashing a BIOS always runs a slight risk of loosing the BIOS in the first place but since the machine is next to useless, your fine in this case.

Sounds like the drive is ok though.

- beads

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BIOS Virus?

by bhiman In reply to Bios Virus?

Dear Sylvie,
My problem exactly. I have a Compac Presario 1500. What do you have? Have you received any reply or help for this problem? I should be grateful if you share it with me. My system turns off on using any antivirus/Anti spyware. Unable to install a new OS. Could with great difficulty - 5-10 cold reboots.
Ashok Bhiman (

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to get faster solutions

by jdclyde In reply to Bios Virus?

post your questions in the TQ&A section instead of the discussion section.

Some really good people out here, but many that would have your answer don't come into the discussion section.

Good luck, sounds like a fun one.

Only Idea I would have is to look in the BIOS if the virus protection in there is enabled. If it is, you will NOT be able to install a new OS. Turn that puppy off and you should be good to go.

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Same Issue, Solved For Me...

by kgjunk In reply to Bios Virus?

Hi, I recently had my windows XP SP2 machine progressively getting worse - BSODs and spotaneous reboots. I thought it software and so wiped y HD and tried to reinstall XP SP2.

If I got to the EULA agreement page, I was lucky, as the PC either reported 1 of about 6 differemt stop errors or just rebooted without showing an error.

Everything pointed to faulty RAM, but memtest showed no problems, and neither did Microsoft's Memdiag - Try these for your friend.

Next, I removed everything / disabled everythign on board that was not required.

I swapped HDs, since after the Eula is where it searches for a partition to install. Try this next.

Then also tried swapping Power Supply, and vid card and even CD Reader. Starting to look like a definite mobo issue.

Oh, prior to this, I had reset the bios to default values, and even flashed to the latest bios release with no luck.

Finally, I tried a different CPU. The bios (AMI) complained, did some resetting of itself, and then worked with that CPU. So, to confirm whether it was my CPU, I plugged mine back in, and now everything works.

For some reason, putting in another CPU (Which, by the way, was IDENTICAL to my chip, even down to the same revision) did the trick.

If you don't have another CPU that will fit the motherboard socket, try finding an on-board jumper to reset everything.

Hopefully one of these steps will help you / the other poster with your problems.

Failing that, Asus makes a motherboard with a 939 socket and AGP socket, so about $300 CAD will get you a new amd ath 64 3000+ cpu / mobo and you should still be able to use any existing agp vid card, ide hard drives, DDR Ram, etc.

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It is quite possible

by dbucyk In reply to Bios Virus?

On the mainboard, your computer may have BIOS boot flashing enabled by default. If it does, then you have a corrupted BIOS.

The best thing you can do is to open the PC, find out the make of the motherboard and the revision.

Then find out the make of the BIOS and the version. All of these you should be able to make out on the chip and mainboard (motherboard). You may have to remove it out of the system if you can't find any markings on it and flip it over to see if there is any FCCID or S/N or anything else.

Download on a PC that has no problems, create a flash boot disk according to manufacturer's specs and have the most current BIOS for the motherboard.

Flash it, follow the manufacturer's steps, and you'll fix the problem. When you are done, if there is a jumper on the motherboard to flash your motherboard, disable it after you are done.

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Virus Bios

by extrajupp In reply to Bios Virus?

You can reset the bios and try again.
Just take out the battery and put it back after 2 minutes.

Good luck.
Bak You

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Bios Virus

by dfknjdfgjkn In reply to Bios Virus?

That definitely sounds like bios mess'n up. Try upgrading Your bios, Best bet.

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