BIOS wierdness....

By Norehca ·
It seems like (and im not blaming) ever since ive installed this new video card my BIOS has been acting a bit wierd. Ive done nothing else concerning the BIOS so this is all i can think of. My card is an ati radeon x1950 pro.

At POST the American Megatrends logo at the top has changed to a few pale red and, whatever other color. Very ugly and hard to see colors. Not what they were before. If i remember correctly the lettering for the logo was white, not colored. In the BIOS menu the top has random colors where it sais BIOS Setup. There like cm thick blocks all different colors like |RED||DARK RED||BLUE|; its wierd. And all of a sudden i get an error message about my cpu fan. I go in to the monitoring pertion of the BIOS setup and its going at like 1500RPMS. Its highlighted in red telling me its too slow. The CPU temp is also 100 degrees F which is high considering last time i checked it was burning at 80 degrees. This is a nice new fan i got, very big about 6 inches in diameter. Could my video card be sucking up power resulting in my fan not getting enough and running slower? Im pretty sure this is atleast a 400watt psu. Its one of those ULTRA modular PSUs. Ive got the PSU running 2 large fans (input in the front, output in the back) the cpu fan, a hard drive and a single dvd burner. Oh and of course the video card. This is all the info i can think of that could help.

It would be very much appreciated for some help on this one, thanks!

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While it's possible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to BIOS wierdness....

The most likely culprit is the Video Card itself. Most of the Power Hungry ones have a Power Connector on them to allow the extra power that they require and that the M'Board can not supply.

If the Power connector from the PS hasn't been plugged into the Video Card it's anyones guess as to what will happen but as I've never actually tried to do this I'm not sure of the results as it's not something that I would normally try.


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Are the fans and vents clean

by mjd420nova In reply to BIOS wierdness....

Dust and dirt can reduce the air flow. Sounds like you have enough flow but not fast enough or from the right areas. If it's on the floor or in a cabinet, maybe an external fan might be a help. What card did you have to start with. A bios reset could help but you need to record the setup first. The flaky display could be from the plugin. Bent pins or intermittent card connector. I have seen a dozen or so that had fractures of the plastic guides and traces and solder forced right off the board by excessive force during installation. Another motherboard will tell you for sure, but I also think that 400 watt isn't quite enough either. Good Luck.

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very clean

by Norehca In reply to Are the fans and vents cl ...

My computer is extremely clean, and im also very careful about installations. I clean it once a month or more, and as i can see nothing is bent or bruised. This video card does require a power source to be run. I havnt tried it without. My previous card was an Sapphire ATI radeon 9600 XT (128mb). It did NOT require power from my PSU to be run.

By BIOS reset what do you mean? Clearing the CMOS? Or reflashing the BIOS?

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I would suggest

by w2ktechman In reply to very clean

A BIOS update to start things off.
But it does sound as if the video card may be the culprit.
try replacing the card if the bios flash does not work. Do the problems go away? If so, you may either need a larger PS or the card needs replacing.

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