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    Bios will not recognize CDRW


    by williams887 ·

    Hello all,

    I’m trying to install a Philips CDRW 3200. I have tried every possible jumper configuration and have had no luck. There are NO options in the BIOS that I can see that would prevent it from seeing this device. There is however another jumper on the very left side of the CDRW that reads “For Factory Use Only”. Not sure what this is for but I haven’t messed with it. Also, when I plug in the device the two lights on the front of the burner stay on constantly. They are for Read and Write. Another weird thing, when this CDRW is plugged on the same IDE cable as another device (hard drive, DVD ROM), that device is also not recognized in the BIOS or Windows. By the way I’m using Windows XP if that helps. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I at the point where I think the device is broken or faulty. Thanks.

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      Reply To: Bios will not recognize CDRW

      by fred07 ·

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      Hi and I agree with you. It trully sounds like a bad unit. On secondary IDE as a lone unit bios should find it.
      Remember the red side of the IDE goes toward the power connector. Set the cd-rw as master and if it is not found by bios then return the cd-rw as a defective unit. Messing with it to much could damage your pc.

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      Reply To: Bios will not recognize CDRW

      by tech_wiz03 ·

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      Quite aggree both lights on the philips CDRW3200 come on when the cable on the back of the drive or on the motherboard is reversed!! If you don’t imediately power down you will damage both the drive and the motherboard. After the damage has occurred the lights will remain on even if properly plugged in.

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