Bios/windows error question

By 420ganjamon ·
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I keep getting error 0xc000000e and 0xc000000e. And with a few error workarounds I've tried it seems the bios stuff is beyond me hoping for some insight.

This is happening whenever pc restarts and or I try and use my USB drive to reinstall windows.

Thinking it's something bios settings wise. I probably misclicked.
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Well here it depends what you reset in the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bios/windows error questi ...

Most commonly people do too much and change too many things which are not required.

So to check if it is actually a BIOS Error remove the power and then open the case and remove the BIOS Battery. Leave the unit with the power disconnected for 10 seconds and without the BIOS Battery in the unit Then refit the battery and power cord and reboot the unit. When prompted open the BIOS and change the Date and Time to the correct values. This is the only change you want to make and then exit the BIOS saving the changes and let the system do it's thing and restart.

If the error reappears you don't have a BIOS Issue it is to do with the OS and something is wrong there.

Hope that helps you.

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