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Birthday greetings go out to JCK, yes Happy Birthday

By Michael Jay ·
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A very Happy Birthday to you, perhaps you will get everything you ever wanted today. Hee Hee

Perhaps not, but at least I hope you have a great Birthday and many more to come.

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by DMambo In reply to Birthday greetings go out ...

Happy birthday to you. May all your PG-13 (or more modest) birthday wishes come true.

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thanks DMambo

by jck In reply to jck

Check my list out to MJ. I think 2 or 3 were PG-13 :^0

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I'd say 'Happy Birthday', but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Birthday greetings go out ...

I already wished Mae one, and I'm limited to one a day. Sorry.

Ah, heck, maybe nobody will have one tomorrow.

"Happy Birthday!"

Geez, now I'm running a deficit. Next thing you know, I'll be raising taxes and capping carbon emissions.

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by jck In reply to I'd say 'Happy Birthday', ...

Thanks Palmetto.

I owe ya one :)

And don't worry, I already recycle enough to make up for you.

You can have my carbon credits. :^0

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Happy Birthday!!!

by cmiller5400 In reply to Birthday greetings go out ...
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by jck In reply to Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday, jck!!

by maecuff In reply to Birthday greetings go out ...

What did you decide to do?

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Thanks, mae

by jck In reply to Happy Birthday, jck!!

I am just going home, sitting, writing some trivia for tomorrow night (when I host a trivia game on one of the websites I own), drink a vodka and oj (yeah just one...i'm losing weight), and really do nothing.

I have to work tomorrow, or I'd go out and not get home til 6am. :^0

Thanks again :)

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Happy Birthday JCK!!

by Shellbot In reply to Birthday greetings go out ...

Any big plans??

Hope have a great one no matter what you do.

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Thanks Shell

by jck In reply to Happy Birthday JCK!!

Nah, no big plans tonight. I might go out on Saturday though. Depends on how I feel...and how depleted my bank is from paying bills and reserving enough for that temporary crown I have to pay for Monday

Thanks tho. Hope to be back over there for the next b-day :)

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