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    Bison Webcam Drivers


    by codeblue ·

    I have a Duo-core AMD 2.20ghz Notebook with built-in Bison Webcam. The CD that came with the system says I need Win2k Svc Pack 4. But, I have Win2003 Server R2. The place where I bought it from says the XP drivers are the only ones they have for the cam and do not have 2003 drivers. But, I heard the 2003 and XP Pro drivers are pretty much compatible along with the NTFS they use and almost everything.
    I just need to find out where to get Bison cam drivers. I downloaded one from ASUS and it installed but I think it is not correct because nothing happens with the webcam and YMsngr says the Cam is not connected. I used it for a test to see if the cam was being recognized. Also, even though this Bison cam is built in, is it USB 2.0 or not and how do i determine?

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      by thenewpl ·

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      Make sure you have all your updates to your operating system and try a windows 2000 driver for that cam. Hope this helped

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      Reply To: Bison Webcam Drivers

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You can try this Web Site which has a Download package to scan your system and tell you what drivers you need and possibly supply them as well.

      I’m just not sure that any Web Cams will work with 2003 in any form as that is a Server Product and lacks a lot of the Desktop applications that are available on the Desktop.

      I hope that is of some help


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      Installing Bison Cam Drivers

      by russ2000 ·

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      It Does Not matter If You Have the drivers Or Not!!! If You Don’t Install them ( All Drivers) In The Order That They Tells You On The Driver Disk That goes To the Laptop ( Sager… All Models, Clevo… All models…Hypersonic…(All Models) Pro Star… All Models You Wiill never get it to Work. There is A File That installs First Before The Cam Drivers Install. You Can Look All day For This File ( Good Luck) And Not Find it, It is A VGA Driver, Called (ALI M56030C) When this installs Then The Cam Drivers Install. Then Reboot When You do Get the camer To Work, It Works Great in Any messenger Service. Good Luck. You May have to get A Driver Instalation Disk Fom The MFG,

      p/s: I Have gForce nvidia Video Cards In Both My Laptops So i’m sure That The People That Have ATI Video Cards Will Have a different VGA Driver

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      Reply To: Bison Webcam Drivers

      by aluz_indah ·

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      I just bought a neo notebook with vista as operating system and got the same problem of not working camera. Were you able to fix the same problem?

      I would really appreciate your help. The store from which I bought it is not of much help. Please help. Thanks.

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