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Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency NOT READY!!

By the_webninja ·
Recently I started getting interested in Bitcoin and Darkcoin and all the Crypto-Currency Hype, so I got all fired up one day and thought to myself "I'm gonna go BUY some Darkcoin"


Okay so after spending a couple hours watching Youtube Videos about it, I went to the Darkcoin site, and downloaded the Wallet software and installed it, then went back to the Darkcoin site to try to BUY some Darkcoin. I signed up for Several different sites and NONE of them offered me a way to BUY Darkcoin. I could Trade Darkcoin IF I already had Bitcoin or something else, but I could not BUY Darkcoin outright.

Then I noticed the Team of Rocket Scientists who are in charge of Darkcoin were not even smart enough to list an E-mail address for Contact info on their Site. I guess they didn't like hearing anyone complain. :)
So Obviously I could not contact them about the Problem. :)
It made me think as smart as these guys THINK they are, they have forgotten the basics of Business, they have something they WANT to Sell, (or at least that's what they make everyone think), and yet, they do very little or NOTHING to actually facilitate the SALE of this thing that want to Sell. That to ME is total Stupidity! I don't care how smart they think they are.

So for all you hot shot Investors who think that Crypto-Currency is going to take over the world pretty soon, I want you to try a little experiment. Explain to your Wife, Girlfriend, 16 year old daughter or someone you know that has NO Prior Knowledge of Crypto-Currency that you want them to Go on-line and BUY some. You can even TELL them which kind to look for. But that's it. Then tape your Mouth with Duct tape, and tape your Hands together too so you can't Point at the screen to help, then give them the Credit card and sit them down in Front of the Computer and let them go. Oh yeah have a Stop Watch so you can see how long it takes. After more than Two hours I was unable to Buy any Darkcoin.
See if they have any better results. And if they don't THAT is your Acid Test on Reality ladies and gentlemen.

Bottom line is these Educated Idiots who were smart enough to Create such a Complex System, were not even Smart enough to make it easy for people to BUY IT! And apparently many of them don't know enough about Web Design to use an E-mail on their website either. :)

So I highly doubt the mainstream is going to waste their time with this until they do.

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I'm still waiting..

by simon27 In reply to Bitcoin and Crypto-Curren ...

..for some math genius who proves how to break the whole Bitcoin system

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API for integration

by nikonor9875 In reply to Bitcoin and Crypto-Curren ...

I do not believe that in our world will operate for more than 10 of the best crypto currencies. I know many kinds of electronic money, Bitcoin is a success worldwide. So other currencies simply disappear. Here are the tools and API for integration into custom websites and blogs

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