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By frgvnsldr ·
I had to format my hard drive recently and was wondering if there was a way to restore my programs and such using the backup I created when everything was working correctly. When I try to use the windows backup restore wizard it does see the backup but won't open it. Am I out of luck or is there a program that will allow me to open that backup and restore what I can, ie address books pictures etc. Thanks for any help!
Kevin S.

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When was the backup file created and ....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to bkf file

... and, was it created with the same version of Windows as what you're running now? Or, did you put a different version of Windows on the system? You will have to get the OS on the newly formatted hard drive back up to the same patch/version level as what was used when you did the backup.

In addition, you can't restore programs from the backup. You will have to reinstall all programs and bring them back up to the same patch/version level as they were when the backup was created, then restore just the data (ie address books, pictures, documents) from the backup file, if you ever get it open.

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what version of windows

by frgvnsldr In reply to When was the backup file ...

I did the backup about 2 weeks before I formatted. I reinstalled the same version of windows {xp home addition} and at the time of the backup sp3 had been installed, as of yet I haven't got back to that point, auto update has only installed sp2 so far and I'm hoping when sp3 is installed I'll be able to open the backup. I already am installing programs by redownloading them but if I can get to the backup I have all of the .exe file to install all of my old programs. So the real question is if windows is unable to open that backup after sp3 is installed is there a way to open it otherwise ie programs or utilities. Thanks for all your help!
Kevin S.

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Are there any error messages

by Jacky Howe In reply to bkf file

By doing this I was able to restore from XP Pro to XP Home.
It would be advisable to create a Folder before starting the Restore to be able to Restore to. Doing it this way you are not going to interfere with any Registry values that may be in place for the Users Account. Open the Backup and Restore Wizard and select Next, select Restore files and settings, click Next and put a tick in the box to the left of C: click Next, click Advanced and you can choose alternate locations or to a Single folder. Browse to the folder that you created and select it and click OK, click Next and you will see <u>W</u>hen restoring files that exist on your computer leave it as the default and click Next. Now you will be able to select the Security options and then untick Restore Security Settings, click Next and click Finish.
If you do a Google for BKF File Recovery you may find something that will work.
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